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This Is How Much Generation Z Cares About Your Email Marketing

There are countless studies and articles about Millennials and their shopping behavior, and it seems like marketers have identified the best ways to appeal to their tastes. But there is a new generation that’s catching our attention, because it has a tremendous influence on the world’s buying power. Centennials (individuals under the age of 21, or Generation Z) have different inclinations compared to Generation Y. Today we are going to zoom in on their habits and preferences, and see how much they care about email marketing.

A recent survey conducted by Yes Lifecycle Marketing reveals useful data for marketers looking to adapt their approaches to specific generations. If you are sending email campaigns, here is what you need to know about Centennials:

  • 46% of them find email important in their purchase process
  • 60% of Generation Z members have made a purchase from email in the past three months
  • Centennials check their email more frequently than any other generation
  • 6% of Generation Z members check their inbox while commuting and 14%, while standing in line
  • 85% of Centennials said that an easy online/mobile process is the biggest factor to determine a purchase

This doesn’t come as a surprise, considering that more than 60% email opens nowadays happen on email. Marketers can use this information to optimize their presence on mobile, making sure their website assures appealing visuals, and ease of transaction.

Generation Z is expected to reach about 75 million members soon. The buying power they can generate if of 44 billion dollars.

How can you motivate Generation Z?

By offering them great quality. Members of Generation Z have high expectations and a variety of products to choose from. Who wins? Companies that don’t compromise their quality standards and are thus able to build brand loyalty.

Price is also essential: 55% of Centennials admit that it is a key factor in their decision-making process.
Have a nice store! Centennials value experiences more than anything. They are willing to spend on vacations and activities that make them feel good. Those who don’t shop online indicated they prefer to visit actual stores for a better understanding of the brand and its products.

Are you getting ready to send your next marketing email? First, run your email list through an email validation system to make sure the addresses you have are all valid.

What about social media?

Centennials don’t recall a world that was not connected by the internet. Half of them are online for over 10 hours a day, and they are seeking to interact with brands through both email and social media. Furthermore, social platforms influence their shopping more than any other generation:

Baby Boomers – 41%

Generation Z – 58%

Millennials – 74%

Centennials – 80%

Generation Z is extremely stimulated by visuals, so their top favorite social channels are Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube. Facebook remains the most influential platform for all generations, with 51% of Centennials saying they decide upon a purchase after they spot the product on Facebook.


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