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Email Marketing Tips: Little Gestures That Go A Long Way With Your Subscribers

We hope you’re seeing wonderful results from your email marketing, a practice that has proven its efficiency more than any other. We’ve talked extensively about what you can do to boost your outcomes.

Creating compelling content, beautiful graphics, and cleaning your email list are all essential. But once you’ve mastered these aspects, there are little gestures you can do to strengthen your relationship with your subscribers.

Make your email marketing about them

Avoid sending overly promotional content

If your email marketing’s single goal is to promote your business, your subscribers are going to be able to tell that. And they are not going to appreciate it very much. Ideally, your messages should focus more on them and the things you can offer them. Every once in a while, send an email that doesn’t try to sell anything, an email that intends to give instead of attempting to take. Keep this healthy balance, and your audience will notice it and perceive you differently.

Remember important anniversaries

If you collect your subscribers’ birthdays in your signup forms, always remember them and send them a card. You can also offer them a coupon or another perk they can claim in your store or while shopping online. Also, remember the day your customers started doing business with you and send them an email to thank them for their loyalty.

Email marketing rule: be generous. Often.

In everything you do. Whether it’s the information you are sharing, or your special offers, let generosity be your guiding value. There is no better way to stand out, in a world where companies bombard their customers with advertising and constantly ask them to buy smething.

Encourage the sharing of opinions

Ask questions and invite your subscribers to share their opinions. Comment on the topics that generate great interest in your industry, and don’t forget to ask your subscribers’s opinion, too. Give them the chance to respond and engage in a conversation. Not only will you learn new things, but this habit will help you know them better and develop a stronger connection.

Say “thank you” at the end of every email

This is a small gesture with such a positive effect! We recommend you write a short paragraph at the end of your email, and then keep it in your template for all of your campaigns. Expressing gratitude towards your subscribers, for the fact that they signed up for your email and are reading it – that is heartwarming and will make them feel special.


These are all suggestions that make a difference in the way you communicate. If you decide to use them, we promise you they are going to contribute to your brand and help you develop a meaningful, engaged relationship with your audience. In order to reach your audience, though, don’t forget to have your database cleaned by an email verifier. After all, none of the strategies you use in your content creation are going to success if your emails are not delivered. Take a look on our website and learn more about how ZeroBounce can do for you!