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Your Holiday Marketing Plan: Five Tips to Attract Your Audience

How do you attract your audience during the holiday season? You need a good marketing plan, and we’re here to help with a few tips.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, but to so many, what is Thanksgiving but the day before Black Friday?

The holiday season is going to bring in a serious influx of traffic on your website. There’s data to prove it: last year, more than 108 million people shopped online during the last weekend of November, according to CNN.

Also, on Thanksgiving Day, more than $1.9 billion were spent online around the world, followed by an astounding $3.3 billion on the most consumerist Friday of all: Black Friday.

Putting together a holiday marketing plan

How should your marketing plan look like to help you make the most of the holidays? Let’s go through some of the most important practices!

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Make sure your email list is clean

You’re probably brainstorming as we speak to come up with the most impressive offers for your audience and include them in your marketing plan. That’s smart, but before you even begin to create your holiday campaigns, pay attention to your email list.

Have you reviewed it and updated it recently? Are you sure all the addresses you have are valid?

If not, it’s time to let an email validation service do the job for you. Otherwise, you would only be throwing money and valuable ideas out the window.

Reach out to your customers now

Don’t wait until two days before Black Friday weekend to entice your audience with catchy promotions. Instead, start your campaign ahead of time.

Engage with your subscribers and remind them about the perks they’ll be getting soon. Then, intensify your marketing strategy throughout the week before Thanksgiving.

Starting early is also a good way to verify your email list and confirm it is in best shape.

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Highlight the products your customers love

What are your best-sellers?

Study your brand’s recent history and find out what it is that people love about you. Then, craft your marketing plan according to your findings.

Keep in mind your customers’ preferences when you personalize your newsletters. Tempt them with something you know they want to buy. If they got a cashmere sweater a few months ago, they’re probably waiting for your Black Friday discounts to add a second one to their closet.

Don’t forget they’re there to buy, so maximize your chances now.

Tailor your marketing visuals for the holidays

Your newsletter, website and social media channels – it’s time to give them the festive look they deserve.

Depending on your budget, you could either hire a professional photographer for a new shooting of your products, or you can put your graphic design skills to good use and create new headers for your platforms.

Also, don’t hesitate to use your website and social media to promote your events and coming sales, and to encourage people to subscribe to your emails.

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Demographic data? Yes!

An efficient marketing plan starts with in-depth research. The more you know about your audience, the greater the chances to reach their soft spots. Not only is it good to learn their tastes, but also relevant demographic info.

How can you do that?

By using an advanced email validation system.

ZeroBounce eliminates invalid and other risky email accounts, but offers other features, too. One of them is that it provides you with valuable information about your subscribers: their first and last name, their location and the age of the email address.

This article was updated in September 2019.