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Three Ways Email Validation Will Boost Your Email Marketing Campaigns

If you’re sending marketing emails and you’ve never cleaned your email list, stay with us. We have a few things to share with you that will improve your results right away.

How to boost email marketing campaigns

Here are three ways in which email validation will boost your email campaigns.

You’re going to reach humans, not bots

This is the motto of ZeroBounce – reach humans, not bots. By using an email validation system, you’ll be able to reach real people who have opted in to receive emails from you. An email validator will remove invalid, fake and abandoned email addresses from your list, thereby accelerating the success of your email campaigns.

Your reputation will be better

… which means your emails have a greater chance of landing in the inbox, and not in the Spam folder or the Google Promotions folder. We all know how fast people delete those emails.

When your reputation suffers, your campaigns are usually directed outside of people’s inboxes. Whether you have lots of invalid email addresses in your database, abuse emails, bots, or spam traps, an email validator will remove them and leave your list clean and safe to use.

email validation strategy written out.

Email validation increases your revenue

Guess what’s going to happen once you’ll start reaching more of your subscribers? That’s right, you’re going to increase your chances to sell. Sure, the copy and visuals you include in your email campaign have tremendous impact. But the essential step in the sales funnel is to reach people in the first place. That’s precisely what an email validation service helps you achieve.

Curious to learn how ZeroBounce works?

Register on our website and you’re going to have 100 free email verification credits waiting for you! Also, you’ll get to discover our latest innovation, ZeroBounce A.I. This artificial intelligence-driven system takes a closer look at your email list and tells you how healthy it is.

We recommend running your list through ZeroBounce A.I. after you used our email validation service.