Emailable Review

How Reliable Is This Email Validation Tool?

Are your marketing emails hitting more spam folders than inboxes? Emailable’s email validation tool might be what you need to clean up your list and enhance deliverability. But is it actually the best option available, or are there better ones? Read our 2024 Emailable review to find out.

As a business owner or marketer, you understand the frustration of high bounce rates. When your campaigns bounce, you’re not connecting with your potential customers. What’s more, a high bounce rate affects your overall ability to reach the inbox.

To avoid bounces and boost your email deliverability, you have to scrub your list of contacts regularly. But with so many email validation tools on the market, finding the perfect one can seem daunting.

Emailable presents itself as a solution, promising to refine your list and boost your email metrics. But how does it truly perform, and could another service be a better fit?

In this review, we’ll take a close look at Emailable – its features, pricing, security protocols, and customer support – so you can get the full picture.

What is Emailable?

Emailable is an email validation service founded in 2016 and headquartered in New York.

The company has become a significant player in the email validation industry. Offering services like bulk email verification, real-time validation, and integration capabilities, Emailable aims to improve email deliverability and maintain your sender reputation.

Two other email validation tools, BlazeVerify and TheChecker, merged and rebranded as Emailable in 2021. Cache Ventures owns Emailable.

Emailable features

Let's dive into the key features of Emailable to understand how it stacks up in the competitive email validation space. We’ll explore everything from bulk email validation to real-time verification and integrations to see how Emailable aims to enhance your email marketing efforts.

Bulk email validation

If you’re looking to upload your entire email list for cleaning, bulk email validation is the way to go. Emailable can process large batches of emails, identifying invalid or risky email addresses before they impact your marketing campaigns.

However, Emailable has limitations regarding the types of emails it can detect and remove from your list. According to its website, aside from invalid contacts, Emailable can spot:

Real-time email verification

Through API integrations, Emailable verifies emails as they enter any of the forms you set up on your website. The goal of Emailable’s real-time API is to ensure only valid emails make it onto your list. Of course, Emailable’s real-time email validation tool presents the same limitations as its bulk feature and is able to detect only a few types of risky email addresses.

Inbox reports

Emailable is expanding to add more offerings to its platform, including a feature called “Inbox reports.” It checks different aspects of your email – such as links, images, and potential inbox placement – to give you more confidence about your email deliverability. However, the information on the product page is sparse and doesn’t fully clarify what these tools do.

Blacklist monitoring

Emailable also provides email blacklist monitoring, a feature that allows you to get alerts if your IP or domain are ever blocked. Every 12 hours, the software checks against 120 blacklists and sends you an email alert if you’re ever found on one.

Emailable accuracy for email validation

Just like ZeroBounce, Emailable promises a 99% accuracy rate for email validation. However, ZeroBounce slightly edges out Emailable with its ability to also reduce abuse complaints and detect more types of risky email addresses.

Both services provide a money-back guarantee on email verification results. ZeroBounce was the first to make this promise, while Emailable followed suit years later.

Emailable speed and performance

On its homepage, Emailable claims it processes 30,000 emails per minute, yet on the company’s pricing page, we find out that its email validation tool processes 10,000 emails in two to three minutes.

Also, some users have noted performance and speed issues during peak times or with exceptionally large batches. ZeroBounce, on the other hand, consistently handles large volumes without significant delays.

On average, ZeroBounce takes around 45 minutes to validate 100,000 email addresses as it offers a more in-depth overview of your email list health.

Want to see a one-on-one comparison between Emailable and ZeroBounce?

Emailable pricing

Emailable offers a tiered pricing structure, starting with a free tier for basic needs and scaling up based on the number of verifications you need. The company provides transparent pricing on its website, allowing you to estimate costs easily.

It costs $38 to validate 5,000 email addresses with Emailable, while ZeroBounce charges $2 more via a subscription you can cancel at any time. For the extra $2, though, ZeroBounce detects more risky emails and also, checks Yahoo-related addresses with the highest accuracy.

What Emailable and ZeroBounce have in common – and how they differ

When picking an email validation tool, you want to look at all the benefits you’re getting so you can make the most of your service. Aside from some overlapping email verification features, let’s see how Emailable and ZeroBounce’s offerings differ:

Aside from some overlapping email verification features, let’s see how Emailable and ZeroBounce’s offerings differ:

  • Free trial: Emailable offers 250 free email validation credits if you sign up with a company domain. If you’d like to create an account with a free email address (like Gmail), you’ll receive only 10 testing credits. ZeroBounce offers 5 testing credits for free email accounts. However, when you create an account with a company domain, you get 100 free credits every month. ZeroBounce clearly has a more generous offer at 1,200 free email validations a year.
  • Expiration date: Credits never expire at Emailable, nor do they expire at ZeroBounce. They roll over and you can use them whenever you want.
  • Minimum purchase: A significant downside for those with smaller email lists is that Emailable enforces a minimum purchase of 5,000 credits. The minimum purchase at ZeroBounce is 2,000 credits. Thus, it accommodates email marketers and business owners who are just starting but still want to take great care of their email databases.

Emailable ease of use and integrations

Emailable’s platform is user-friendly, designed for quick navigation and setup. It integrates with popular services and apps like Mailchimp, Salesforce, Zoho, ConvertKit, GetResponse, Google Forms, or Google Sheets. That means you can save time on email verification and focus on creating emails that convert.

Emailable customer support

While Emailable provides email and live chat support, some reviews suggest that response times can vary. We tested the live chat support ourselves and were initially greeted by a bot. However, after about a minute, we got a reply from a real customer support agent.

In contrast, ZeroBounce is known for its exceptional 24/7/365 days a year customer support. Whenever we tested the chat box, it took less than 15 seconds to get an answer from one of our email experts.

One aspect you may want to consider if choosing Emailable is that the company offers no phone support at all and keeps its telephone number(s) hidden.

Emailable customer reviews

On Trustpilot, Emailable holds a 4.3 rating from over 500 reviews, indicating strong customer satisfaction. On G2, it has a 4.8 rating.

Here’s an Emailable review that, interestingly, mentions ZeroBounce’s “superior algorithms and validation techniques.” (We’re grateful for the feedback.)

“Emailable is a superb program, with an easy-to-use interface for validating all email addresses, which are fake, spammy, or non-deliverable addresses. It provides simple integration together with widely used email marketing platforms and other applications. ZeroBounce makes use of superior algorithms and validation techniques to verify email addresses in real-time.”

Data protection at Emailable

Data protection and security are paramount when picking an email validation tool. While detailed information on Emailable's data security practices isn't as prominently featured, the service emphasizes its commitment to safeguarding user data.

Emailable operates under stringent security protocols to ensure that customer information remains protected against unauthorized access. This includes a combination of administrative, technical, and physical safeguards.

Emailable complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), indicating a strong focus on protecting personal data per EU guidelines. Additionally, the company follows standard security measures to manage data securely, which involves regular reviews of their internal protocols and interactions with third-party services.

Emailable alternatives and competitors

Emailable competes in a crowded market with services like ZeroBounce or NeverBounce. While it offers competitive accuracy and pricing, some alternatives boast better integration options and additional features like spam trap detection, email authentication, and email server testing. Emailable is a more “bare bones” approach to email hygiene and deliverability.

ZeroBounce features

ZeroBounce is more than an email validation tool; it's a comprehensive suite designed to enhance every aspect of your email marketing strategy. From ensuring email deliverability to optimizing server configurations and monitoring blacklists, ZeroBounce offers a variety of tools that work to improve your email campaigns.

Get 99% accurate email validation results on Yahoo-related email addresses. These contacts (Yahoo, AOL, Verizon) are prone to bouncing due to Yahoo’s regular purging policies of inactive accounts. Find out if these emails are about to bounce – at no extra cost. Just clean your list and add Verify+ from ZeroBounce to check the validity of Yahoo emails for free.

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Here’s a detailed look at what ZeroBounce offers.

Bulk email validation

A staggering 25% of the average email list decays every year. To help you avoid bounces and maintain high deliverability rates, ZeroBounce allows you to clean your entire email list via the bulk upload feature. The service has a 99% accuracy rate, one of the highest in the industry, and a money-back guarantee.

As opposed to Emailable, ZeroBounce can also detect abuse emails belonging to people who tend to report many emails as spam. If you want to minimize the risk of spam complaints, ZeroBounce allows you the option to remove these contacts from your database.


At no cost to you, ZeroBounce also adds missing data to your leads, such as names, gender, and location. This free feature – included with your email validation results – helps you improve your targeting and conversion rates.

Real-time email validation

ZeroBounce’s award-winning email validation tool is also available to use in real time, via an API. You can connect the API to any form that captures leads – whether on your website, social media, or CRM platform. The real-time email validator detects invalid, fake, and risky contacts in real time, preventing them from getting on your list.

As opposed to Emailable, which can detect more than 30 types of risky email addresses, Emailable’s email verification API will detect only invalid, disposable, catch-all, and some spam trap emails.

Verify+ from ZeroBounce

One of the top advantages of using the platform is the Verify+ service from ZeroBounce. Verify+ is free and optional and helps reduce bounces on Yahoo, AOL, and Verizon addresses. Emailable offers no comparable tool for determining the validity of disabled Yahoo-related addresses.

Email scoring

ZeroBounce pioneered a more reliable method for assessing the validity of catch-all emails through its email scoring system. By assigning a score ranging from 0 to 10, this tool helps marketers gauge the trustworthiness of an accept-all email address that can't be verified through standard validation techniques. This innovative approach offers greater assurance about the potential validity of catch-all emails, which are notoriously difficult to authenticate.

Activity data

The Activity Data feature is invaluable for marketers and sales professionals looking to better understand their audience. This tool provides insights into when subscribers last engaged with their inbox, using just one credit per contact. Such data is crucial for optimizing send times and tailoring communication strategies to increase engagement.

ZeroBounce features

Bulk & real-time email validation

Email scoring

Activity Data

Verify+ from ZeroBounce

Email deliverability tools

Email authentication tools

Email finder

24/7 customer support

The No. 1 email validation service for 350,000+ clients

Additional email deliverability tools

ZeroBounce ensures that your email setup is optimized for maximum deliverability. The email server tester identifies any setup errors that could affect performance, while the inbox placement tester simulates deliveries to provide an idea of where your emails will land—inbox or spam.

Additionally, the blacklist monitoring tool keeps an eye on your IP and domain status, alerting you to potential blockages so you can take prompt corrective action. If an email marketer is on a blacklist and isn’t aware, deliverability problems are inevitable. ZeroBounce’s blacklist monitor checks daily against more than 200 email blacklists, whereas Emailable only monitors 120 blacklists.

Email authentication tools

With stricter email authentication standards set by major ISPs like Google and Yahoo, ZeroBounce's authentication tools have become essential. The platform offers SPF, DKIM, and DMARC generators to help users comply with these regulations, ensuring that their emails are recognized as legitimate and secure. The DMARC monitoring feature also provides real-time alerts for any spoofing or hacking attempts, safeguarding your email reputation.

Email finding

Launched in 2023, the ZeroBounce Email Finder builds upon the platform’s email validation capabilities. If you need to find an email address for a specific contact, this tool uses ZeroBounce’s highly accurate validation system to gather and verify email contacts in real-time, ensuring you only receive valid results. This feature is particularly useful for expanding your contact list with high-quality leads.

Each of these features is designed to improve the quality of your email list and enhance the overall effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns, ensuring better email deliverability, compliance, and engagement.

When compared to Emailable, ZeroBounce’s additional tools are described more in-depth, so customers have full clarity on how each of them helps them achieve better results. On top of email validation, ZeroBounce offers various email deliverability tools – including an inbox placement tester, a mail server tester, a blacklist monitor, plus all the tools you need to authenticate your emails.

ZeroBounce integrations

ZeroBounce has a fresh and modern interface and integrations with a wide array of platforms, including Mailchimp, HubSpot, Shopify, ConstantContact, Facebook, and ChatGPT. Plus, you can connect ZeroBounce to any additional platforms and apps via Zapier. This extensive compatibility ensures that ZeroBounce can fit into your various marketing workflows, making email validation more efficient.

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ZeroBounce customer reviews

On Trustpilot, ZeroBounce shines with a 4.7 rating, reflecting an even higher customer approval. On G2, ZeroBounce has earned a 4.6 rating from more than 434 reviews.

Here’s an example of a ZeroBounce G2 review:

“Responsive customer support, easy to navigate the website and purchase credits, and it's very intuitive to use. We opted to use the browser rather than integrate with any email provider to give us better insight into the results. Fast turnaround on email validation.”

Data security at ZeroBounce

ZeroBounce takes data security to another level with a comprehensive suite of protections that not only meet but exceed industry standards. Multiple certifications and accreditations show the company's commitment to data security:

  • GDPR Compliance: ZeroBounce ensures that all customer data is handled in accordance with EU regulations, providing users with the assurance that their information is managed responsibly.
  • SOC 2 Type 2 Certification: This certification reflects ZeroBounce's ongoing commitment to high standards of security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy.
  • ISO/IEC 27001 Certification: By complying with this international standard, ZeroBounce demonstrates robust management of data security.
  • PCI Compliance: ZeroBounce protects financial data through secure transaction processes, which include advanced firewalls, antivirus tools, and regular security assessments.
  • HIPAA Compliance: This compliance ensures that any health-related data handled by ZeroBounce meets the strict privacy and security requirements set by U.S. law.
  • CCPA Compliance: By adhering to the California Consumer Privacy Act, ZeroBounce ensures that the personal data of California residents is handled with the utmost care and transparency.
  • Data Privacy Framework (DPF) Compliance: ZeroBounce's adherence to both the EU-U.S. and Swiss-U.S. Data Privacy Frameworks facilitates the secure transatlantic transfer of personal data.

Read more about ZeroBounce’s certifications and accreditations and see why its data security framework has earned ZeroBounce a reputation for being the most secure email verification platform.

Is Emailable worth it?

Before you decide if Emailable is the right email validation tool for your needs, let's summarize the key points we've covered. From accuracy and pricing to user experience and support, we'll consolidate all the crucial information to help you make an informed decision.

Pros of using Emailable:

  • Accuracy: Emailable’s 98% accuracy rate is one of the highest.
  • Ease of use: The platform features a straightforward interface and offers integration options that simplify your workflow.
  • Customer support: Emailable offers capable customer support to assist with any issues, although responsiveness can vary.
  • Pricing: Emailable provides competitive pricing, making it an accessible option for businesses of all sizes.

Cons of using Emailable:

  • Customer support response time: While support is generally helpful, there can be delays in response times, which might be a concern for businesses needing immediate assistance.
  • Pricing transparency: The initial costs are competitive. However, potential add-on costs for additional features or higher volumes can accumulate, affecting the overall affordability.
  • Emailable offers only 250 free credits upon sign-up, whereas ZeroBounce provides 1,200 free credits a year.
  • Limited advanced features: Compared to competitors like ZeroBounce, Emailable may lack some advanced features, which could limit its effectiveness for more complex email deliverability needs.

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