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Does hitting Send on an email make you nervous about landing in the junk folder? Our email deliverability ebook gives you expert tips to avoid email spam filters and earn your spot in the inbox. The best part? It takes only 13 minutes to read!

As an email marketer, you know that boosting email engagement rates can be tricky. Sending emails your audience loves isn’t enough. You also need to help them arrive in people’s inboxes – and there’s so much that goes into nailing email deliverability.

In this ebook, we summed up the key steps to avoiding spam filters so you don’t have to spend days learning how to maximize email campaign ROI.

What’s in this email deliverability ebook?

Getting emails into the inbox poses challenges even for experienced marketers. For instance, you probably know using a clean email list is a must. But what if your database is clean and you send relevant emails – yet you still can’t seem to improve email deliverability?

We know email marketers like you struggle with questions like:

  • Do I really need to build my own email list, or can I purchase one?
  • How often should I validate my subscribers’ contacts?
  • What role does list segmentation play in my email deliverability?
  • Can broken code cause my emails to be marked as spam?
  • What’s email marketing compliance – and where do I start?
  • Do I really have to authenticate my emails?
  • How can I improve my subject lines and open rates?
  • Does my email-sending schedule matter that much?
  • What should I do about dormant subscribers?
  • Should I worry about spam complaints?

In this email deliverability guide, we answer all these questions – and we have good company. Some of the most knowledgeable email pros share their insights to make it easier for you to hit the inbox.

Learn effective email marketing strategies from:

  • Vicky Smith, Email Strategist and Owner of Flic Email
  • Emily Ryan, Email Strategist and Co-founder at Westfield Creative
  • Chad S. White, Head of Research, Oracle Digital Experience Agency
  • Anne Tomlin, Email Developer at Emails Y’all
  • Jay Schwedelson, Founder of and GURU Media Hub
  • Simon Harper, Founder and Email Marketing Consultant at SRH Design
  • Alison Gootee, Compliance and Deliverability Enablement Principal at Braze
  • Liz Willits, Email Marketing Expert and Founder of ContentPhenom
  • Eddie Shleyner, Founder of VeryGoodCopy and Author of VeryGoodCopy - The Book
  • Brian Minick, Chief Operating Officer at ZeroBounce

What you’ll get from this ebook

Did you know that 15% of people never check their spam folder? Also, 27% of them go through it just a few times a year. When your goal is to make email work for your businesses, the junk folder is the last place you want to be.

In this email deliverability ebook, you’ll learn how to:

  • Build an email list your business can depend on
  • Keep your list healthy to avoid spam filters
  • Create better customer experiences through segmentation
  • Be aware of your email code and how it impacts your inbox placement
  • Deal with unengaged subscribers that bring your metrics down
  • Keep a low spam complaint rate and follow email marketing best practices
  • Find the right email-sending schedule
  • Manage unsubscribes and abide by email marketing compliance rules
  • Write better subject lines so you can improve email open rates
  • Set up email authentication in just a few simple steps.

How to use this email deliverability guide

The expert tips in this ebook are so good you’ll be tempted to apply all of them at once. But that may lead to overwhelm. So, instead, pick one thing. What can you do today to enhance your email deliverability?

For instance, if you’ve never pruned your email list, removing dormant and obsolete emails is a great place to start. Email sender reputation management is much easier when you work with a fresh database.

Once your list is clean, consider segmenting it into smaller groups and plan a series of messages for each one. Not only will that improve email open rates – but it will also increase your long-term engagement.

Another simple thing you can do today is assess your spam complaint rate. If it’s too high, determine what could be causing people to report your campaigns so you can avoid those mistakes.

Next, start looking into other ways to boost your inbox placement—the ebook is packed with tips and techniques to help you in your quest.

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