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Celebrate with ZeroBounce: 52 Things to Do on Email Day

ZeroBounce started Email Day, a global holiday recognizing the best channel there is. Come celebrate with us – we give you 52 ideas below!

This article was updated in April 2023.

Every year, on April 23rd, we celebrate our purpose and passion at ZeroBounce: email. 2022 marked the first Email Day, a time to recognize and appreciate all of the positive things email has brought to our lives. It’s made a difference to people across the entire planet.

So, why April 23rd?

The holiday commemorates the inventor of email, Ray Tomlinson, who was born on that day. We hope his legacy serves as a reminder to all of us to make email better.

Image of Ray Tomlinson sitting at his desk looking out. A quote from his daughter stating, " It's pretty crazy to think that your dad invented something that the whole world uses every day."
ZeroBounce reached out to Ray Tomlinson’s daughter Suzanne to ask her about the man who invented email. Read all about it here.

So, how can you celebrate Email Day? There are lots of possibilities and we invite you to get inventive. Ray Tomlinson would have it no other way. 

Looking for some suggestions to get the ball rolling? Here’s one:

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We put together this list of things to do on Email Day – 52 because that’s how many years have passed since Tomlinson sent the first email.

Would love to hear what you’ll be doing this Email Day, so let us know. Email us!

How you can celebrate Email Day with ZeroBounce

ZeroBounce image show a man smiling while sending an email and a woman smiling while reading an email that states, " Hey Mom, just wanted to let you know how much I love you."

1. Post about it on social media. Start a conversation around Email Day. Jumping off points: why do you love email? What would your life look like without email? How much has email helped grow your business?

2. Send an email to a loved one. Just a few words lets them know that you’re thinking about them.  

3. Clean up and organize your email accounts. Like cleaning the house, it’s hard to start, but you feel good when you finish.

4. Subscribe to a newsletter you like. Here’s ours

5. Unsubscribe from emails you don’t care about anymore. If you haven’t been opening them in the past couple of months, maybe it’s time?

6. Send a long due email. You can use Email Day as your excuse. 

7. Create a new secret email account for just your close circle. 

8. Share your favorite email memory on social media. 

9. Start building your email list. “One subscriber is more than the zero that you might have today,” AWeber CEO Tom Kulzer told us in this interview.

10. Make sure to write and set up a welcome email for everyone who subscribes to your list.

11. Email your mom and dad. You may talk to them on the phone every week, but an email stays. 

12. Email someone who’s helped you and thank them. We can’t show enough gratitude. 

13. Mark an enemy as spam. 🙂 (Just kidding. You don’t want that bad email karma.)

14. Validate your email list. Start a ZeroBounce account and check 100 email addresses for free, every month.

It’s free to start a ZeroBounce account

15. Email your subscribers and tell them about Email Day.

16. Try, try, try to get to inbox zero.

17. Cruise over to the spam folder. See if there’s anything you’ve been missing. Who knows what you’ll find buried among the royalty trying to get in touch with you about your inheritance.

18. Try to recall your first email address. Post about it on social media if you dare.

19. Come up with the most brilliant subject line you can. The day demands it!

20. If you’ve been thinking and scheming about starting that newsletter, what better day than April 23rd?

21. Learn to set up your email “away” messages. Try this: “I’ll be taking the rest of the day off in honor of Email Day. I’ll be sure to respond on April 24th.”

22. “Email a Cocktail.” No, seriously. You can send your friend a cold beverage. Just go here. They’ll thank you. Cheers.

23. Keep a personal interaction or meeting going by asking someone for their email address. Just ask Nikki Glaser. It’s less forward than asking for a phone number and you’ve got an excuse today. “Did you know today is Email Day? By the way, what’s yours?”

24. Today is a good day to add a cool signature to all of your emails. Is there something you’re proud of? Find a clever way to include it. If you already have a signature, why not update it?

25. Remember the bcc function? It’s under-used. If you want to keep someone in the loop, but don’t want everyone to know, you can include them on any email you send.

26. A lot of reconciliations take place through email or bringing together long-lost friends who drifted apart. A heartfelt and thoughtful email can get the ball rolling to amends being made.

27. Save on the expense of printing and postage and reduce clutter. Do you still get any paper bills or statements in your mail? Call them up and ask for the e-version to be delivered to your inbox. There’s no better day than on Email Day!

28. Use email to negotiate a deal. If you’re moving into a new apartment or on the market for any number of things, the back-and-forth nature of email can be ideal for making a deal. 

29. Print out that email you’ve saved forever that always makes you smile. You’ll encounter it more and smile more.

30. Get a Ray Tomlinson tattoo. Show us a picture of it.

31. If you have a newsletter, return to email’s roots and try a plain text email. Kinda nice, isn’t it?

32. Play a harmless email prank. Let us know how it goes. Use your imagination.

33. Send an email of admiration to a celebrity you admire through their official website.

34. If you have a website, try to think up more places to put sign-up forms for your email newsletter. All too often companies skimp on the sign-ups.

35. Connect an email validation API to all your sign-up and registration forms to keep good email hygiene.

36. Want to take a nostalgic trip? Pull up a few old emails. You can learn a lot about yourself and really put things into perspective. It’s so fun and interesting to see how you were thinking and what you cared about 10 years ago.

37. Email is ideal for preserving recipes. You can email a recipe to yourself and also forward that email to someone who shares your passion for cooking and baking. 

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38. Want to give your daughter or son a special gift? Create an email account where you can send special memories and even pictures. When they’ve gotten older and the time is right, give them the email address and password so they can read all of your messages. Be sure to regularly check the account and open the messages to keep it active.

39. Use email as a bookmarking tool. Copy that link and send it to yourself, so you’ll always have it.

40. Bake and decorate an email-themed cake. You’ve got an excuse.

41. Send that email that you’ve been afraid to write. Maybe you’re intimidated or afraid of rejection. Make sure you’ve sent it by the end of Email Day. No matter the outcome, you’ll be relieved.

42. One thing is for sure: nobody is going to get mad at you for emailing a picture of your dog or cat. Now, who will the lucky recipient be? The more unexpected, the better.

43. Try something different in your email marketing today. The sky’s the limit.

44. Send an email that rhymes today! Cleverness can really grab attention.

45. Learn to use the Archive feature. A lot of people aren’t aware of it, but you can get an email out of your inbox without deleting it. That way you can go back to it if you have to. In the meantime, it keeps your inbox a little neater.

46. Consider adopting the OHIO method, starting today. The acronym stands for “Only Handle It Once.” Using this practice, when you open an email, you deal with it right away. The reason this is a good idea is that when you keep emails to handle later, you’ll tend to reread them again and again, which takes up a lot of your time. So, when you open an email, deal with it right then and there.

47. See if your next email is going to land in the inbox. It takes minutes to test it.

48. Remove unnecessary email notifications that clog up your inbox. Social media has always been a big offender, but you can make your inbox a better place by opting out of excessive notifications.

49. Activate double opt-in for your email sign-up forms. That way you’ll reduce complainers and only have the truly interested folks subscribe to your list.

50. Read our email deliverability guide. It’s a precious resource – and it’s free.

51. Learn something new about email marketing. Our blog is packed full of articles to help you get more out of your emails.

52. Share this article to spread the Email Day holiday to one and all! 

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