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Email Delivery Service MxMail Launches with A Built-In Email Validation System

We’re so excited to finally introduce you to MxMail, a project we’ve been working on intensely in the past year. MxMail has just launched as a complex email delivery service that provides automatic email validation at the point of upload.

More about the MxMail email delivery service

Designed by the same team that created ZeroBounce, MxMail responds to your search for a reliable email marketing solution. The platform handles large amounts of data and empowers you with in-depth statistics about your audience.

“The more knowledge you have about your subscribers, the more effective your email campaigns will be. Our mission is to provide our customers with a sophisticated, yet practical solution to their email marketing challenges. By combining email validation and A.I. with an easy to use email delivery service, we created a frustration-free path to high inbox rates,” says ZeroBounce and MxMail CEO Liviu Tanase.

Email delivery & email validation, all in one

Some of the most experienced engineers in the industry have designed MxMail to encapsulate the complete set of tools marketers need in their email strategy. They include list segmentation abilities, a powerful email delivery system, detailed research and statistic reports, plus automatic email validation. Furthermore, MxMail and ZeroBounce integrate directly! So, you get access to ZeroBounce A.I., the company’s top email scoring system.

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“Zerobounce and MxMail comprise our greater vision of a fully integrated ESP platform. The robust system designs, composes, and delivers emails with integrated email validation and consumer intelligence,” adds Liviu Tanase.

Just what you need to succeed

With its enhanced features and its user-friendly interface, MxMail helps you stand out in the crowded email marketing landscape. Also, the email delivery service offers customized solutions depending on the size of your business and your goals.

Curious to see how it works? We created this video to show you how easy it is to craft an email campaign for your subscribers!

“Whenever they would reach out to us for email validation, many of our customers asked whether we could also help them send their emails. So we built this email delivery service to be able to offer them what they asked for. MxMail is just what you need to succeed in email marketing. And we can’t wait to delight our customers with this new product,” says ZeroBounce and MxMail Executive Director Don Vizcaino.

Want to sign up for MxMail? You can easily register here, and our Support team will guide you through if you need any help.

Oh, have we told you? Your new email delivery service comes with 24/7 Customer Support! Wherever you are in the world, an email geek is always going to be there to help you.