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Email Validation, Upgraded! Meet ZeroBounce A.I., Your New Email Address Scoring System

We’re always working on enhancing our email validation service and provide you with the most reliable results you can get. Today, we’re thrilled to announce ZeroBounce A.I., your new artificial intelligence email address scoring system. The software we developed offers you better insight on your email list quality and accelerates your email marketing efforts.

So, what does ZeroBounce A.I. do?

It excels at identifying valid catch-all emails with its unique scoring intelligence. Besides that, it will rate the quality of your contacts by determining how active they are. Hence, you’ll find out whether a certain email address is valid. Also, you’ll know how likely it is for the user to engage with your email content.

ZeroBounce A.I. paints a clearer picture of your email data quality and helps you decide which leads are worth keeping.

Curious to try it? The BETA version is now available. To participate, please send an email to

ZeroBounce A.I. combines a vast selection of data with proven statistical analysis to rate the quality level of an email address. The software identifies positive and negative patterns of an email address. Then, it returns a score you can integrate into a more robust email hygiene process. Using a clean, reliable email list is the first step in reaching your subscribers and hitting your email marketing targets.

Ready to upgrade your email validation process? Read more about ZeroBounce A.I. on our documentation platform

98% accuracy on your email validation results

The most important aspect you have in mind, before choosing an email validation system, is probably its accuracy. ZeroBounce guarantees that your results are 98% accurate, so you can count on us to help you achieve great email hygiene. Also, you can rest assured that you’re cleaning your list with one of the most secure email validation services on the market. ZeroBounce is GDPR compliant and has an EU-US Privacy Shield certification.