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You invest time, energy, and money into your email campaigns. We help you find valid emails in real-time, reach the inbox reliably, and connect with your customers. Drive your open rates and ROI with 99% accurate email validation, AI-driven scoring, Email Finder, and email deliverability tools.

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How to validate your email lists with ZeroBounce

Clean your email list(s) in three simple steps.


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Upload your existing list and hit “validate file”


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Email issues we help fix

ZeroBounce’s email verification service helps you clean up your email list by removing:

Why you need to verify your emails

Your sender reputation is at stake.

When you email incorrect, fake or spammy email addresses it drives up your marketing costs and drives down your ROI.

Over time, it can also impact your sender reputation, which is like a credit score for your email address. The more “bad” addresses you email, the worse your emails perform and the lower your score.

This means your email list not only impacts the effectiveness of your email campaigns today, but your future deliverability, too.

Find valid contacts with Email Finder

Don’t risk a bounce by guessing an email address.

In three steps, Email Finder can help you locate new email contacts in real time for your list:

  1. Enter a person’s name
  2. Enter a domain
  3. Get a validated address

Know who you’re sending to and what type of email address is on your email list. We’ll search for correct patterns and let you know whether an email is valid or a high-risk address that can negatively affect your email deliverability.

Email Finder does not process stored data, but uses proprietary technologies to help you find new email leads in real time.

How ZeroBounce helps you reach the inbox


Validate email lists

Prevent email bounces and spam complaints before they occur. Use ZeroBounce’s bulk email verifier to remove low-quality contacts from your list, including invalid, spammy and abuse email addresses.

This can help reduce your bounce rate, increase your open rate and prevent you from landing in spam.

After you’ve cleaned your list, keep it that way. Connect ZeroBounce’s email validation API to your signup and registration forms. That way, each time someone enters a new email, it gets checked in real time. Only real, valid contacts will end up on your list.

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Score email contacts

Spend more time reaching people who might want to hear from you. Use ZeroBounce Score™ (our email scoring system) to discover the true value of your email contacts.

Think of it this way: Email validation helps you determine if an email address works. Email scoring takes it a step further: it scores people based on their reachability and interactions.

ZeroBounce Score offers a quality score for each contact in your list. The higher the score, the more likely that person will engage with your emails.

Now, you can further validate catch-all emails — and keep, nurture and convert high-activity accounts.

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Test email deliverability

Do a test run to catch issues before they become one. After you’ve scrubbed your list and scored it, use ZeroBounce Test™ to ensure your emails get delivered without issue.

Fix misconfigurations in advance with our mail server tester. Test your email with 20 addresses before it goes out to your list by leveraging our inbox placement tester.

This tool makes it easy to see where your email lands with popular providers: inbox, spam or not delivered.

Keep testing and adjusting until you reach the inbox! Now, you’re good to go.

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Receive blacklist notifications

Get alerted if you’ve been blacklisted. Use ZeroBounce Blacklist Monitoring to receive blacklist notifications for your domain and IP address.

Blacklists are bad news: emails start going to spam, bounces increase and your sender reputation takes a hit. It can hinder the success of your entire email marketing program

ZeroBounce Blacklist Monitoring checks your status against hundreds of blacklists. That way, if you do get flagged, you’ll know exactly which blacklisting company to reach out to for removal.

All account owners, including free accounts, get access to the blacklist monitoring service.

Learn Moreabout blacklist monitoring


Find valid business emails

Search for new business email addresses reliably. Our Email Finder allows you to search out new business connections with just a name and domain.

We search for possible patterns and validate the address in real time using proprietary technologies. We never process your data to share with our users.

This allows you to email confidently, knowing that your cold emails will reach real people.

Email Finder is perfect for any industry. Used in marketing, sales, journalism, real estate and beyond, boost your email outreach by discovering new leads, recruiting new talent and making new connections that last a lifetime.

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Why ZeroBounce?

You want results from your email campaigns. We help you achieve them.
Discover why we’re the right partner.

99% Accuracy

Whether you validate your list in bulk or check emails in real time via the API, you get 99% accurate results – guaranteed.

Secure Email Validation

ZeroBounce is GDPR, SOC 2 Type 2, and PCI compliant. We also use military-grade data encryption to protect your files during the email verification process.

24/7 Customer Support

Reach out anytime via chat, email or phone. Our support team and engineers are here to guide you and help improve your email deliverability.

ZeroBounce integrates with all your favorite tools

Connect ZeroBounce’s email verification API to the tools you already use, such as your email marketing platform, CRM or LinkedIn. This allows you to validate emails in bulk or in real time as people submit them. Stop bad email addresses from ever landing on your list — and feel good about all the time and trouble you’ve saved.

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Ensuring emails and results get delivered

When it comes to results, we deliver. Just ask these four clients:

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