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Marketing Emails: Take Risks with the Right Things

Like any type of creative writing, putting together marketing emails involves a little bit of risk. You may have an idea that could leverage your brand, but scares you by how different it is from anything else you’ve done before. The kind of idea that makes you stop before you hit “Send” and ask yourself: “Should I do this?”

There are some risks worth taking. If your idea doesn’t offend anyone, if eight people out of ten like it, if you feel that it speaks your mind, hit that “Send” button.

There is no marketing without creativity. And there’s nothing more valuable than giving yourself the freedom to do things that are not like what everybody else does. If you follow what anybody else does, you won’t end up having your own unique voice and brand. You’ll end up – guess where? – where everybody else is.

In your marketing emails, take risks and try things like:

Campaigns your customers may think are atypical or eccentric.

Your subject lines – don’t be afraid to experiment!

A different topic than you would normally approach in an email.

Your visuals – what better way to stand out?

The way you address your audience – do you sense so much communion with your subscribers that you feel you can address them as friends? Maybe you should follow your intuition.

Anything that reflects your personality. There is no better strategy than marketing yourself as who you really are.

Things you can’t take risks with:

One of your most valuable commodities: your email list. Spam traps, toxic and catch-all domains, disposable and dormant addresses – these are things you can’t trifle with. Good news is, an email checker can clean your database in a matter of minutes! This way you know you send marketing emails to real people.

Your email automation platform. Choose one that offers you all the features you need and that you can trust in the long run.

Your campaign reports – don’t ignore them, because they tell you whether people resonated with you. Check your open and click-through rates and gather your subscribers’ feedback. Also, keep an eye on your bounce rate – if it’s higher than 5 %, it’s time to run your list through an email verification system.

Happy emailing!