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Three Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make in Your Email Marketing, in 2018

Email marketing is becoming such a significant part of businesses’ growth. So, paying attention to details will make all the difference for you this year. From your subject line to the design of your template and the way you word your call-to-actions, every little aspect of your marketing emails counts.

Email mistakes to avoid

Today we are going to look at three mistakes you can’t afford to make in 2018. Avoid them if you want to keep increasing your brand awareness and, ultimately, your sales.

You can’t be preachy or boring

Now, we’re not trying to be preachy here. Or boring! In fact, all we really want is to underline how important it is for your subscribers to be able to relate to your content. If communication was more personal in 2017, the way companies talk to their audience is going to become even more sophisticated this year. Knowing your demographics will play a great role here. So, the more details you learn about your subscribers, the better you’ll be able to craft and target your email marketing campaigns.

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Bottom line is: try to get closer to your subscribers by learning their age, location, preferences and the way they like to communicate. Come up with content that is tailored to their needs and solves problems they might have. Do all this in a fun, exciting manner that will encourage them to open your future emails, as well.

You can’t use a messy email list

In 2017, an increasing number of companies have understood the importance of cleaning their email lists. 2018 will bring more email validation awareness. There are many reasons why a dependable email verification system is an asset you should consider adding to your email marketing arsenal.

It will remove invalid emails from your list, thus preventing bounces and helping you improve email deliverability. It will also get rid of known complainers and spam traps, disposable emails, catch-all domains. All while appending relevant information about your subscribers. Last, but not least: it will save you a good amount of money in the long run. Try it out for free and you will see the difference!

You can’t include too many CTAs

Plan your email marketing campaign at least a few days before you’re ready to send it. Also, think carefully about your goal. What would you most like to achieve through this new email you’re sending? Focus on that. Avoid including several call-to-actions. Your subscribers will most likely get confused and won’t know what you’re asking them to do. Stick with one call-to-action and state it very clearly in your email. Preferably, you will also add a beautifully designed button that stands out and attracts people to click on it.

How are you planning to upgrade your email marketing this year?