how to clean your email list

Email List Cleaning, and Other Ways to Ignite Your Email Marketing

Are you looking for ways to give your email marketing a boost? Let’s see how a thorough email list cleaning — and a few other tweaks — can improve your results.

Every day presents itself with a chance for improvement. Whether it’s our lifestyle, our business or ourselves as human beings, we can always take action to become better.

From all the seasons of the year, spring seems to be the perfect time for adjustments in those areas we are not so happy with.

When it comes to email marketing, there are several tactics we can apply to refresh our style and reap more consistent results.

Maybe a new copywriting style, a good email list cleaning, or a fresh email design? Let’s talk about three strategies that are easy to apply and will ignite your email marketing this spring!

How to reignite your email marketing

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Give your template a new look

Right after Christmas, you probably chose a crisp winter template to set the right mood for your subscribers. We bet it looks pretty, but it’s time to part with it.

Check out the templates your email marketing service offers and test them out to see how they fit your brand. Of course, you can always create your own template to match your taste, the new season, and the theme of your campaign.

Try a new call-to-action

Have you been using the same few phrases for your calls-to-action? Do you feel like your conversion rates could look better?

Maybe your formulas have gotten stale and need to be invigorated.

Be bold and try new expressions. Don’t hesitate to add a little humor or a pun in your call-to-action, you could be surprised by the reactions you’ll get.

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Do a thorough email list cleaning

Email list cleaning is a process any marketer should follow on a monthly basis, especially in the case of rapidly growing databases. Even if you are not getting many monthly subscribers, don’t let potentially invalid email addresses clog up your list.

Using an email list cleaning system to scan and analyze your database will prove the most efficient method to boost your deliverability. As a result, you’ll see higher open rates and an overall better engagement.

Curious to see how ZeroBounce works? Check out the video below! Then, sign up for an account and you’ll be able to validate 100 email addresses for free every month.

This article was updated in September 2019.