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How Email List Validation Cuts Costs in Live Service Video Games

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How gaming market trends are moving from one-time to ongoing, recurring sales models

Why long-term player engagement in gaming is now critical

Why your player email database is key to player retention strategies

How email verification is central to effective email campaigns in gaming

Plus - multiple use case examples to show you how your gaming company can implement email validation solutions today.

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The video game industry is dominating entertainment monetization.

Video games are now everywhere: your computer, your phone, your television - they’re here to stay.

The top online game developers are now reaching sales in billions.

The problem? Your player email database gets filled with junk, invalid data.

But one thing’s consistent - you need player emails to boost sales, player retention, and player engagement in gaming.

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Why the video game industry needs email database management

If you work for a live-service gaming company or if you work in gaming email marketing, you’ve faced one or more of these issues:

Fake email accounts

Bot-created accounts or RMT

Uncertainty over abandoned accounts

Multiple inactive emails owned by one user/IP address

High email bounce rates

Email spam traps in gaming

Poor email campaign effectiveness due to not having up-to-date, accurate email lists

There’s no question - your video game company faces unique challenges with customer email addresses that many other B2C and B2B companies don’t.

Nevertheless, the solution to all of these issues is an email list verification service that understands the obstacles to long-term player retention.

Download the free eBook and learn how you can improve your email deliverability in gaming today.

Better email data quality from your player email database

After downloading your free ‘Gaming the System’ guide, you’ll find eye-opening stories and all of the numbers needed to show you:

How you can lower account/email data storage costs

A foolproof strategy for avoiding email bounces

How to proactively maintain accurate email lists

How to use email validation to boost gaming player retention

How you can effortlessly avoid email spam traps

How you can improve your gaming email marketing with an enhanced player email database

Find your valid email addresses in gaming like a pro

It’s time for you to get your gaming email list hygiene in order.

The rest of the video game industry relies on email address verification - and we’re passing the controller to you next.

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Frequently asked questions

The best way to improve player retention is to deliver a fun, rewarding gaming experience consistently. As players spend time in games and accomplish objectives, they should be able to realistically unlock new rewards that are proportional to the time invested.

However, it’s natural for most players to lapse eventually. When this happens, you’ll want to employ email list validation to ensure that your player email database is up-to-date. Use the valid email addresses you have to deliver effective email campaigns that highlight your latest updates, feature additions, and rewards to restoke the flame of interest in your player base. It’s always more cost-effective to re-engage past or existing players than it is to earn a new download.

Likewise, SMS or push notifications are also helpful for similar retention strategies. If you have a valid phone number, or if your video game is stored on the device, send alerts periodically to keep your game in the player’s mind.

All of your players provide an email to create their account. Other industries need to spend time, effort, and countless dollars creating content to obtain this data from potential leads. It’s the best tool you have in marketing.

Email verification ensures that your email database has valid email addresses, helping with avoiding email bounces and improving email deliverability in gaming. Once you’re confident you have a direct avenue to the player’s inbox, you can regularly funnel essential data and updates in an effort to reduce player churn.

Email validation examines your entire player database and identifies which email addresses are valid. If they’re valid, you can send an email to the address and reach an inbox. If they’re invalid, it’s either fake or no longer in use. For a gaming company with thousands of players, one email campaign can result in thousands of bounces, which destroys your company’s email reputation.

Email list cleaning will also identify other high-risk email types like spam traps or abuse emails. In video gaming, it’s also critical to identify disposable emails, which players will often use to sign up for your service without giving away any of their personal information. While a disposable email can still serve as a valid login ID, it provides no value to your gaming email marketing.