Outreach Email Verification - ZeroBounce Outreach Integration

Do you use Outreach for sales and customer retention?

You can close more deals and retain more customers, but only if your email data is accurate, valid, and up-to-date.

ZeroBounce’s Outreach email verification tool allows you to effortlessly import contact lists for manual and automated email list cleaning. Schedule your next cleaning or automatically verify new contacts as you add them to your database.

Ensure your lead data is accurate - verify your email leads with the official ZeroBounce Outreach integration!

Verify emails in Outreach

Free account required. All users receive 100 free verification credits monthly.

Outreach integration - features and benefits

Verify email addresses in your CRM and pipeline

With the easy integration setup, you can rapidly verify email addresses for any contact in your Outreach sales pipelines.

ZeroBounce will automatically gather contacts from your Outreach account. Then, just select the list you want to verify, and we handle the rest. We’ll notify you when your Outreach email list cleaning is complete.

Automatically validate new Outreach leads

Don’t fill your Outreach account with invalid, high-risk, or outdated email information.

With one toggle click, turn on automated email verification for any or all of your Outreach contact lists. ZeroBounce will automatically verify each new email address that’s added to your database.

Personalize your verification schedule

For sales teams and email marketers alike, regular email list cleaning is essential.

Don’t forget about your next email list cleaning ever again. Click your Outreach contact list and schedule your next cleaning at any time. You can also set up an email verification frequency so that your Outreach lists are verified every X days, weeks, or months.

Share your Outreach leads with connected integrations

Official ZeroBounce integrations (like Outreach) allow you to transfer contact lists between platforms quickly.

Sharing makes contact management between your team and used platforms simple. Verify your Outreach leads, then send them to your CRM, e-commerce database, email service provider, and any other valuable locations at will.

Score your Outreach sales leads

You don’t just want sales leads. You want high-quality leads who will respond to your messaging.

Just like with email verification, the ZeroBounce Outreach integration allows you to use AI Email Scoring for any contact list with a few clicks. ZeroBounce scores those email addresses using internal technologies and industry connections with a scale of 1-10. Low-quality emails are likely inactive and dormant, while high-quality emails regularly open emails and engage with their inbox.

Scheduling and automations are also available for Outreach email scoring!

Track your email verification history

Unsure what happened with a particular Outreach email contact?

The ZeroBounce Outreach provides a full usage report and tracks every verified and scored email address. Rapidly pinpoint when your email contact was validated and download reports that span the life of the integration connection.

How to verify email lists in Outreach with ZeroBounce

Setting up the ZeroBounce Outreach integration is effortless. Here’s what you’ll need to start verifying your email lists in Outreach.

  • An Outreach.io account with at least one contact list
  • A free ZeroBounce account

Then, automatically import your Outreach contact lists in three easy steps.

1. From your ZeroBounce account, head to your Integrations tab and click on Outreach.

2. Log in to your Outreach account when prompted.

3. Allow ZeroBounce to authenticate your Outreach account.

That’s it! After you grant access, ZeroBounce automatically gathers your contact lists and email addresses from your Outreach account. You can start validating emails, turn on automated verification, schedule, share, or score at any time!

View the Outreach integration docs

Get started with the free Outreach email verification integration

All ZeroBounce integrations, including Outreach email verification, are free for all users!

Ensure that your sales pipeline is up-to-date with accurate contact information so that you can generate the most revenue possible and retain more customers. Create your free ZeroBounce account to get started with Outreach email list cleaning.

Plus - get access to other invaluable tools to protect your email domain and enhance email deliverability!

Free ZeroBounce accounts include:


Email Verification Credits


Email Finder Queries


Email Inbox Placement Test


Email Server Test


Blacklist Monitor scanned every 24 hours

All credits, queries, tests, and monitors replenish monthly!

Clean my Outreach email contacts1 ZeroBounce credit = 1 email verification or scored email address