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Cyber Monday Emails: 5 Tips to Make Your Campaign Successful

Planning to send any Cyber Monday emails? We have all of the tips you need to send campaigns that engage and convert.

Savvy email marketers know not to put all their eggs in one basket. Black Friday is one of the essential shopping days for just about every industry. However, with so many holiday obligations and events, not all customers are reachable on Black Friday. Checking email may be the last thing on their mind. 

On the other hand, Black Friday is a big deal for others, but they may expect even more brand offers.

That’s where Cyber Monday comes in. Occurring every year on the Monday after Thanksgiving, it’s a big day for consumers and companies. 

Cyber Monday emails can make a difference

Did you know that Cyber Monday has surpassed Black Friday in size? 

Here’s a mind-blowing fact that may inspire you to create some great Cyber Monday emails:

Cyber Monday 2020 was the biggest online shopping day in American history, with sales almost hitting 11 billion dollars. More than 3 out of 4 retailers report an increase in sales on Cyber Monday. 

Bonus tip: Before you hit Send on your holiday emails, check that your email list is fresh and healthy. It takes only minutes to prune out stale email addresses – and give your campaigns a chance to go to the inbox.

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When is Cyber Monday 2022?

Cyber Monday is November 28, 2022. It’s the last day of Cyber Week, an annual five-day retail event where brands create great deals to entice customers. 

Pretty much the whole week is a peak time for marketing emails. Cyber Week starts on Thanksgiving Day and ends with a bang: Cyber Monday. 

Are you planning on sending an email on Cyber Monday? It’s a very wise move. However, announcing the deal in advance is also a good idea so people can start planning.

Here are five tips to help your Cyber Monday emails succeed!

#1. Make your Cyber Monday email easy to understand

Have you ever seen an email offer that isn’t clear? The deal is confusing, or there are many exceptions to the offer. Sometimes you just shrug. 

Time is short. Attention spans vary. Especially during the holiday season, any confusion may lead your customer to chunk your email or even unsubscribe in frustration. 
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So what makes for a good Cyber Monday email? Something people grasp right away. They see the benefit. Because they get what you’re saying, they may take the deal.

Cyber Monday email from Postables shows a simple, easy-to-understand deal on a dark red background.

So, before you hit Send, ask your colleagues and friends if the offer is clear. If grasping your Cyber Monday offer is simple, you’re on the right track. Look at the pitch. Can you cut words? An easy-to-understand deal is more likely to create traction.

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#2. Effective Cyber Monday emails are clever

Look at this email parodying the movie “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” The creator of this email latched on to a much-loved animated film. 

Email shows "Nightmare Before Christmas" theme of a black night sky with a full moon.

The email subscriber may relate to it in a variety of ways. First, they may recall the time when the movie was released. With all the stress of the holidays, the reader may chuckle if they’re experiencing their own “Nightmare Before Cyber Monday.”

The cleverness in both the theme and design captures the attention of anyone who opens it. 

So how can you create such an imaginative email? Usually, it means thinking outside the box. However, sometimes you’re so stuck in familiar things that you forget to look beyond the horizon. So instead, take advantage of everyday life, nature, and popular culture. 

Watching television, taking a walk, and here’s an unexpected way. 

In an interview with ZeroBounce, Chad S. White, the Head of Research at Oracle Marketing Consulting, told us he got better at email marketing by reading lots of emails. “I read hundreds of thousands of emails—and I’ve looked at hundreds of thousands more since.” 

#3. Have an excellent offer

The competition is stiff! Anyone checking their inbox is going to have more than enough offers. So, if you want a Cyber Monday email that gets results, give them a mind-blowing deal. 

Let’s be honest: plenty of deals don’t exactly compel you to jump. For example, I keep getting these emails for $10 off on audio-visual equipment, but you must spend at least $150. Relative to the expense, it never spurs me to click the link. What if they made a great offer? Maybe I’d bite.

Look at this Cyber Monday deal from Fossil. You may think about taking the bait, even if you’re not someone looking to buy. However, a really great deal causes you to pause. 

Cyber Monday marketing email from Fossil shows substantial savings on a light pink background with small circles.

Cyber Week is teeming with competition. So consider a deal that’s even better than you envisioned. You may not make as much per sale, but you’ll probably sell more.

#4. Create a sense of urgency

Cyber Monday sales are only valid for a limited time, so emails should clearly express when the deal expires. You don’t want your subscribers to be confused or get into a situation where you’re arguing about the expiration of your offer. 

For instance, check out this email from Great Simple Studio. Not only is it attractive, but it also lets you know that you have to hurry. It makes you want to take action. 

Cyber Monday email with black background and green text shows expiration in 24 hours.

You’ll get nowhere with emails that languish in the inbox. A good marketing email makes you want to get the ball rolling. Especially on Cyber Week, when most people get a flurry of marketing emails, your emails have to prompt a quick response. 

#5. Stimulate the reader

Most people get over 100 emails daily, and the volume can go up 122% during the holidays. Unfortunately for your competition, there’s no shortage of uninteresting emails that do nothing to stimulate the recipient. 

Think about what people are probably doing when they open your email. Most of the time, it’s not exactly exhilarating. 

The week of Thanksgiving can be a lovely experience, and spending time with loved ones is beautiful. However, for many people, it can be stressful. Long periods of being confined indoors can lead many to go stir-crazy. 

Look at this email from Sunday River Resort. If I were stuck on the couch, weary from carbohydrates, this email would look pretty appealing to me. 

Cyber Monday email with red and slate grey elements shows skiing in a winter landscape.

So what can you learn from this? 

First, instill your emails with a bit of adventure. Make the subscriber feel like they want to be there right now. Of course, that’s natural if you sell destinations and activities. However, you can do this with products too. For example, if you are a sunglasses emporium, maybe you have a picture of someone wearing one of your top shades in some exotic locale. 

If you sell them on the story, you may sell them on what you offer. An excellent marketing email tells a little tale. 

How can your email be a part of your subscriber’s story this Cyber Monday? With some imagination and the art of storytelling, you will get their full attention.

Emails courtesy of Really Good Emails