How Coldlytics Delivers Accurate Data with ZeroBounce’s Email Validation Service

Grow your business by improving your email contact lists. Learn how the ZeroBounce API works with Coldlytics to validate and enhance email data.

How does ZeroBounce help Coldlytics?

Coldlytics sources fresh email contact lists on demand through its software platform powered by highly-trained research teams.

With a customer base primarily made up of marketing agencies and SMBs, their clientele has an eye for detail that puts ZeroBounce’s email validation API performance under the microscope.

The Coldlytics self-serve platform allows you to get an email contact list built on demand. For marketing and sales professionals trying to find business owners’ email addresses, Coldlytics is a one-stop-shop.

The company’s team gathers the data, then uses the ZeroBounce email validation API to ensure it’s fresh and valid.

  • Founded: 2021
  • Location: Headquartered in London, England
  • Number of employees: 2-10
  • Target Customers: Marketing agencies
  • Email service provider: Google

Why checking every email address matters

As with any email contact list, validating it is key to ensure you have top-tier data quality.

Matt McQuinn, one of the Co-Founders of Coldlytics, has seen that those who skip this step run into email deliverability problems.

“They come back with as much as 50% invalid or undeliverable email contacts when they use them in a campaign without validating them first,” McQuinn told us.

Based on the quality of lists he observes in the industry, Matt believes that human-curated data is shaping the future of the data industry. To date, his company has outperformed all competitors in this space. You can review the findings of their ongoing comparison research.

But how did they get here?

Matt knew they needed to have an email validation service that would meet the highest quality standards they hold their data to.

“If you’re unsure whether or not you need an email validation system, let this be the deciding factor. You’ll spend a lot of pain-staking time undoing the damage of ruining email domain reputations from sending emails that bounce. Take it from someone who has ruined dozens of domains to learn this lesson. It doesn’t have to be that bad.”

Matt McQuinn

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How ZeroBounce’s email validation API improves Coldlytics’s data

“ZeroBounce’s accurate and fast email validation service was exactly what Coldlytics was looking for,”Matt McQuinn says.

The ZeroBounce real-time email validation API guarantees a 99% data accuracy, which gives Coldlytics an edge over competitors.

Coldlytics takes its quality assurance process seriously. We spoke to Matt to give us better insight into how ZeroBounce helps improve data quality.

Matt, how do you ensure the quality of your data?

I’ll break down a few of the key steps we take.

From the moment our users submit a list request, we carefully select the research team to which the project gets assigned. We don't just press “go.” We take the time to ensure that the list comes back with the right information from the beginning.

What sets us apart is a proprietary research strategy developed in-house by my Co-Founder, Richard Francis. A key function of this process is to ensure we’ve checked the websites of all contacts on the list. Thus, we double-verify that a contact is a match for the requested criteria.

Several other steps take place, but the final step is to have the email contact list validated via the ZeroBounce real-time API. We color-code our results and analyze them. Then, we either go back to the research team to supplement the data or deliver it to you if it passes all of our quality assurance standards.

How ZeroBounce ensures your email validity

ZeroBounce allows you to validate email addresses in bulk and in real time – and get the same 99% accuracy. Apart from detecting invalid contacts, ZeroBounce spots other types of risky emails.

You may not even be aware that your email contact list can contain:

  • Spam traps – Designed to catch spammers and get them blocked, they’re notoriously damaging to your inbox placement.
  • Catch-all emails – ZeroBounce offers a one-of-a-kind email scoring tool to further investigate their validity.
  • Abuse emails – They belong to people who tend to label a lot of emails as spam. You can remove them before they get a chance to report you.
  • Disposable emails – They are temporary contacts that self-destruct and bounce.

With Coldlytics running all data through ZeroBounce, you have peace of mind knowing that the email list you get is strong and clean.

A Bounce-Free Guarantee: you only pay for accurate data

Coldlytics has received positive feedback from its users after integrating ZeroBounce into its workflows. The accurate data they deliver has allowed Matt and his team to introduce a “Bounce-Free Guarantee.” This means that you’ll never pay for bounced contacts – only for valid and solid leads.

Let’s hear what Matt McQuinn had to say about the impact of ZeroBounce in Coldlytics.

What are the major benefits Coldlytics is getting with ZeroBounce?

One of the major benefits is the fact that we can stick to our word and deliver 100% accurate data. I still see lists come back with 50% email validity, but thanks to ZeroBounce, those contacts never enter our client’s campaigns.

How fresh is your data?

We highlight invalid emails in red to demonstrate a bad contact, but they still receive the rest of the contact information from us – free of charge.

I've also done A/B testing with competitors' platforms and have consistently been impressed by the overall experience and effectiveness of ZeroBounce.

Most importantly for us, Coldlytics has grown as a company because of our data accuracy and guarantee. This would not be possible without our ZeroBounce API integration.

“I would refer ZeroBounce to anyone who needs an email validation service. They are the gold standard for the industry. There's no sense in settling for less when the price is affordable for all stages of growth, there are no contracts, and they have the best platform on the market.”

Matt McQuinn

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