Detect Yahoo and AOL-Disabled Emails

Your Yahoo and AOL email leads might be hurting your email marketing. The problem is disabled emails.

Introducing Verify+ from ZeroBounce - the 1st solution in the email marketing industry that verifies Yahoo and AOL-disabled email addresses with 99% accuracy - guaranteed.

Join our unveiling webinar to learn:

Why Yahoo disables accounts - and how it impacts your email marketing

How disabled accounts lead to inaccurate email validation results (and have for 5+ years)

How Verify+ from ZeroBounce verifies your disabled email accounts - at no extra cost

How you can stop bounces caused by Yahoo and AOL email addresses

Why you need a solution for Yahoo and AOL-disabled emails

If you’re an email marketer – you’ve almost certainly experienced unexpected bounces due to Yaho and AOL emails.

Back in 2018 - Yahoo started disabling unused accounts.

But why is that a problem for you?

While these accounts are stuck as “disabled,” ALL email validation tools have no way to validate them.

If your list contains Yahoo or AOL email addresses, your company is at risk of:

  • High email bounce rates
  • Low engagement / poor campaign performance
  • Poor email ROI
  • Possible suspensions/termination of your email account (varies by email provider)

Meet the answer - Verify+ from ZeroBounce

The first email marketing solution that detects Yahoo and AOL-disabled email addresses

  • Get a first look at how Verify+ from ZeroBounce works
  • Learn more about disabled accounts and how they impact your emails
  • Learn how we created this revolutionary, free service with you in mind
  • Be the first to test Verify+ from ZeroBounce on your Yahoo and AOL email leads

Meet the Webinar Host

Brian Minick

ZeroBounce COO

Brian is an email deliverability thought leader with over 15 years of Tech and Marketing experience. He’s one of the driving forces behind Verify+ from ZeroBounce, with the goal of providing you with the most accurate email validation possible. With his oversight of the Support and Sales teams, you can be confident in achieving optimal email deliverability with ZeroBounce.

About ZeroBounce

ZeroBounce is the go-to email deliverability solution for generating reliable email marketing revenue.

With innovative tools like Verify+ from ZeroBounce, the company helps 325,000+ customers with 99% accurate email validation, email-finding, email security, and email server configuration.

Discover ZeroBounce to find and delete invalid or disabled email addresses, stop fake signups automatically, and get the support you need to reach the inbox.