ZeroBounce + Autoklose

Autoklose Zapier Integration

Autoklose is a platform that helps you automate your sales process and close deals faster. Your email outreach and follow-up are on auto-pilot with Autoklose, so you can focus on gathering new leads.
By integrating ZeroBounce into your Autoklose workflows, you’ll get a live update on the quality of your leads. Thus, you’ll always know whether that new prospect you’re about to email is a real human being.
ZeroBounce makes email safer and more transparent and ensures a more robust lead generation process.
Use Zapier to connect ZeroBounce to your Autoklose account and let our email validation API tell you the truth about your leads.
Use this Zap


Campaign Link VisitedTriggers when a user clicks a link in a campaign email
New Email OpenTriggers when a campaign email is opened
New Email ReplyTriggers when a user replies to a campaign email


Add Campaign RecipientAdds a campaign recipient
Remove Campaign RecipientRemoves a campaign recipient
Add Recipient to Do Not Email ListAdds a new recipient to a Do Not Email list
Validate EmailValidates an email