ZeroBounce + Cloudflare Workers email address validation

Cloudflare Worker-based email validation with the ZeroBounce Email Validator

The ZeroBounce email validator now officially integrates with Cloudflare Workers to assist with email list cleaning. Through Cloudflare Worker’s super-computing platform Edge, you can integrate with ZeroBounce’s real-time email validation to prevent bounced emails and spam complaints while improving your email deliverability in real time.

How Cloudflare Worker’s email validation middleware works

The Cloudflare worker intercepts any incoming POST requests on the route where it’s deployed. In other words, it examines any email address entered into your website form, validates it, and rejects or accepts the address based on the results.

The integration currently allows for

  AJAX email validation


Note - JSON email validation is not yet supported and may arrive in a future update.

You can easily set up your email validation middleware by

  1. Creating Cloudflare Workers KV storage for your validation logs
  2. Creating the worker
  3. Establishing variables for your ZeroBounce API key, timeout rules, and email validation status
  4. Add a binding to store your logs
  5. Set up the route for your Cloudflare worker

To get started, log in now or create your free ZeroBounce account!

Check out the official Cloudflare Workers integration documentation for more detailed installation instructions with accompanying guides and screenshots.

Key features of the Cloudflare Workers email verification integration

The Cloudflare Worker is currently universally compatible on a best-effort basis. The Worker provides support for popular CMS platforms, including

  WordPress email validation

  Joomla email validation

  Symfony email validation

  Magento email validation

After configuring the worker and applying the script to your website, you can validate emails in real time. If your CMS is not listed, contact Cloudflare Workers RV support for more information and potential workarounds.

Key Features

Real-time email validation

Automatic blocking of invalid or high-risk emails

Active log of all validation attempts on your forms

Monitor the entire domain or create specific routes

Easy installation

Check emails on your website with real-time email validation

Fake and invalid email addresses aren’t only useless, they’re detrimental to your email deliverability.

You can automatically detect invalid email addresses by integrating Cloudflare Workers RV with the ZeroBounce email validation API. Whenever a visitor enters a typo, misspelling, or commits to a fraudulent email, we’ll identify it and block it from your website forms.

Real-time email validation preserves your email hygiene and email security so that you only connect with real contacts wanting to hear more from your brand.

Keep your email list clean of risky addresses

The ZeroBounce email validator identifies more than invalid addresses. Connecting the Cloudflare Workers integration allows you to monitor and block high-risk email types, including disposable emails, catch-all domains, abuse emails, and spam traps.

By practicing better email hygiene with this email validation middleware, you will

  • Eliminate email bounces
  • Eliminate unwarranted spam complaints
  • Protect your email reputation
  • Boost your open and click rates

Stop wasting time emailing invalid or high-risk contacts. Use the official ZeroBounce Cloudflare Workers integration to clean your email list automatically.

Monitor results anytime with your Cloudflare Workers log

Curious about who’s entering data on your forms? Have a concern about a specific contact trying to reach out to you on your site?

The ZeroBounce Cloudflare Workers integration automatically logs every validation attempt as they occur on your designated route. You can visit your Cloudflare Workers storage anytime and examine each validation attempt.

It’s an excellent way to keep tabs on your daily website visitors so that you can monitor the quality of your traffic and boost your anti-spam protection tactics.

Benefits of using Cloudflare Worker-based email validation

Automate your email list cleaning

The best way to keep your email list filled with healthy, valid contacts is by blocking the bad data from your list automatically.

With a few easy installation steps, you can integrate the ZeroBounce email validator on any websites for better email list hygiene.

Say goodbye to invalid contacts and other bad actors that can quickly sabotage your email marketing metrics and email deliverability.

Eliminate bounced emails

Every time you email an invalid address, the message bounces back. A bounce rate higher than 2% can cause ISPs to raise an eyebrow.

The higher your bounce rate, the more likely your emails will end up in a spam folder or bounce altogether. If you aren’t hitting the inbox, you aren’t getting the ideal return on investment (ROI) from your email marketing.

Help keep your number of bounced emails low by using Cloudflare Worker-based email validation on your website registration forms.

Protect your email reputation

High bounce rates, low engagement, and high spam complaints can tarnish your email sender reputation. ISPs can’t risk delivering untrustworthy content to their users.

People with a low sender score struggle to hit the inbox. No matter how great your emails are, they’ll likely hit spam or bounce back due to a poor email reputation. If your reputation continues to decline, your email provider may suspend your account, and ISPs may begin to blacklist your domain.

Don’t risk your email reputation over invalid addresses. Install the email verification integration now to protect your email list automatically.

Install the Cloudflare Workers integration

Begin your email list cleaning today with the ZeroBounce Cloudflare Workers integration!

To get started, you’ll need a free ZeroBounce account and access to Cloudflare Workers RV.

Don’t have an account? Don’t worry - we’ll give you some free tools to get started at zero charge.

  • 100 monthly email validation credits
  • 1 free blacklist monitor scan
  • 1 free inbox placement test
  • 1 free email server test