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Scale your email outreach with the LinkedIn ZeroBounce integration!

If you’re wondering how to find someone’s email on LinkedIn, your search is over. The ZeroBounce Email Finder tool is optimized to handle your archived LinkedIn connections data. Extract your connections from LinkedIn using your personal account and upload your file to begin your search.

Try LinkedIn Email FinderFree account required. All users receive 10 free queries monthly.

Important Note - ZeroBounce’s Email Finder doesn’t store or use customer data from any source, including email validation. All Email Finder searches happen in real-time using proprietary technology that relies on external data sources.

Features & Benefits

Extract emails on LinkedIn with ease

To accurately find B2B email addresses, you need two things:

1. The name of your contact

2. The email domain for their company

To do this manually, you’d need to visit each of your Connections’ profiles and compile the data. That’s something that no one has the time to complete.

The LinkedIn ZeroBounce integration optimizes the Email Finder tool to quickly process an archive file you extract from your personal LinkedIn account. Simply visit your account settings, retrieve the file, and upload it to handle your search automatically.

Find email addresses from LinkedIn with bulk searching

ZeroBounce’s Email Finder for LinkedIn processes your file with no limits on the number of connections uploaded. Just ensure that your data columns match and the Email Finder tool handles the rest.

Sit back, let ZeroBounce handle the work, and we’ll notify you when your new list of B2B email addresses is ready.

Instantly find company domains

It’s tricky to find email addresses from LinkedIn when you’re unsure of a company’s email domain (i.e.,

The LinkedIn ZeroBounce integration automatically identifies company domains for your connections, so you don’t have to search. Then, we use the person’s name and company domain to find LinkedIn emails fast.

Company domains can further support your database and help you make new connections in the future.

Get accurate Email Finder results

There are many email finders for LinkedIn. But how accurate are your results?

ZeroBounce is an award-winning email deliverability platform that continuously refines its Email-finding engine to determine company domains and accurately provide valid email addresses. Its ongoing updates make it one of the industry’s leading email finder tools available.

Put our accuracy to the test - create a free account today to get 10 free email finder searches instantly!

How to find emails on LinkedIn with ZeroBounce

To use the LinkedIn ZeroBounce integration, you’ll need the following:

  • A personal LinkedIn account
  • A ZeroBounce account
  • Email Finder queries to complete your LinkedIn email search

Then, you can find LinkedIn emails in three easy steps:

1. Export your Connections data from your LinkedIn account. You can find this in your settings under Data Privacy.

Note that you can only extract emails from LinkedIn with a personal account. Currently, you can’t extract emails from Sales Navigator.

2. Upload your LinkedIn archive file to ZeroBounce’s bulk Email Finder tool.

3. Find LinkedIn emails for all of your business connections and scale your email outreach!

View the full LinkedIn documentation

Is LinkedIn email finder right for me?

Find email addresses from LinkedIn with ZeroBounce to scale your email marketing outreach, make new connections, and more!

Professional networking

LinkedIn provides one of (if not the best) platforms for creating and fostering business connections.

But, if you want to take those professional relationships to the next level, use the LinkedIn ZeroBounce integration to find valid business emails for your contacts. Once you have a valid address, reach out and make new connections to help your business and your career.

Enhance your sales outreach

Finding LinkedIn emails is an excellent way to find and warm sales leads.

Professionals make quick LinkedIn connections all the time via in-person conferences, webinars, workshops, and more. Foster those relationships and extract emails from LinkedIn with the ZeroBounce Email Finder.

Avoid bounces to improve your email marketing

ZeroBounce’s LinkedIn email finder integration consistently yields valid email addresses for your connections.

That’s vital, as cold emailing a bundle of unknown and potentially invalid email addresses will increase your email bounce rate and hurt your email deliverability.

Be confident when you email new B2B connections. Create a free account today and use our bulk Email Finder for LinkedIn.

Seek out co-marketing opportunities

Finding LinkedIn emails doesn’t have to be about direct sales.

ZeroBounce connects like-minded professionals by providing them with the data they need to connect. Meet others in your industry, find common ground, and explore ways to elevate your businesses together.

How to get started with LinkedIn email finder

You can begin your email-finding journey today by creating your free ZeroBounce account. All users get 10 free email queries monthly to test our platform.



Package Includes

  • Inbox placement tests
  • Email server tests
  • Blacklist monitors
  • Email Finder searches
  • DMARC monitor domains
Purchase credits with Pay-As-You-Go (10 credits per search)
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Find LinkedIn emails reliably

Don’t wait to find new LinkedIn connections! Create your free ZeroBounce account today and reliably find email addresses from LinkedIn!

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