ZeroBounce + WordPress/WooCommerce

Connect ZeroBounce and WordPress with the official email verification plugin

Do you use WordPress or WooCommerce for your website or e-Commerce? You can now easily integrate the ZeroBounce email validation and anti-spam plugin through your WordPress admin account.

42% of the web is built on WordPress, making it one of the world’s most popular website-building platforms. Anyone on WordPress, from bloggers to Fortune 500 companies, can protect their email list health, eliminate bounced emails and prevent spam with ZeroBounce email address validation.

The ZeroBounce + WordPress integration extends to WooCommerce, a customizable, open-source eCommerce platform built on WordPress. Use the WordPress + WooCommerce email verification plugin to protect your eCommerce transactions like a pro.

Key features of the WordPress email verification plugin

Installing the WordPress/WooCommerce email authentication plugin is accessible and offers many benefits.

Capable of detectingPlugin featuresSupported forms/plugins
Valid emailsAutomatic real-time email validationContact Form 7
Invalid emailsManual email validationWPForms
Disposable emailsValidation chartsNinja Forms
Abuse emailsCredit usage charts
Detailed validation logs
Formidable Forms
Spam trapsLow credit notificationsWooCommerce
Catch-all domainsTranslations support (in progress)WordPress post comments
Toxic domainsWordPress registration
MC4WP: Mailchimp for WordPress
Gravity Forms

Detect invalid, high-risk emails with the email authentication plugin

By installing the ZeroBounce WordPress email confirmation plugin, you can hook the ZeroBounce API directly into your website and registration forms.

The API will automatically validate the address whenever a visitor enters an email into your contact forms, registration forms, comments area, etc. If the email is valid, the form will be accepted and added to your email list safely.

If invalid or high-risk emails like disposable addresses or spam traps appear, the WordPress email plugin automatically detects and rejects them. This not only helps to weed out fake emails but helps users identify typos and other user errors before they make their way to your contact list.

Clean up comments with this anti-spam plugin

Tired of bots and spammers in your WordPress comments?

The WordPress email verification plugin allows you to validate email addresses before comments go up automatically and ensure that only certain validation statuses get through.

Protect your eCommerce transactions with email validation

ZeroBounce’s real-time email authentication plugin also monitors which emails can place orders through WooCommerce.

Protect your storefront, eliminate fake/scam orders, and ensure you only have to deal with transactions from real customers with valid email addresses. Put a stop to bogus registrations and improve your website security.

Benefits of using the WordPress email verification plugin

In addition to real-time email validation, using this email authentication plugin on your WordPress and WooCommerce helps you long-term.

Email validation eliminates email bounces

The more users register with invalid emails, the higher your email bounce rate will be.

By validating every email entered into one of your sign-up or registration forms, you stop bad data from infiltrating your database. That equals a lower bounce rate, more connections with real customers and better ROI.

Improved email deliverability

Fewer bounces positively impact your overall deliverability.

Your open and click rates will increase as you reliably reach the inbox. Once customers engage more with your content, your sender score will improve, allowing you to avoid spam and promotion folders easily.

Enhanced website security

Spammers and spoofers are a problem in the WordPress comments section. But, with this anti-spam plugin, it doesn’t have to be.

Add the integration, select which validation statuses you’ll allow in those comments, and protect your website security. Plus, the cleaner your comments are, the more trustworthy your site will appear to new visitors.

Install the WordPress email verification plugin free

To get started with the official WordPress plugin, you’ll need a free ZeroBounce account.

Don’t have one? Sign up for free today and get free benefits, including:

  • 100 monthly email validation credits
  • 1 free blacklist monitor scan
  • 1 free inbox placement test
  • 1 free email server test

Then, log in to your WordPress admin to install the official ZeroBounce email verification plugin.