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Five Things You Can Send to Your Email List

You understand the importance of having an email list, you’ve invested time, effort and maybe money in growing your database. However, now you feel like you don’t really know what to send to your subscribers. We’ve been there, too, everyone has.

What to send your email list

How can you craft a great email and be useful to your audience? What are the best types of content to leverage your business and help you build a stronger connection with your customers? We’ve got a few ideas for you!

A blog post

This is easy and won’t take you a lot of time: you just copy a post that you published on your blog and paste it in your email template. Of course, you can make a few adjustments for your email list. For example, choose a different picture and opening line, cut out a few phrases to allow people to read it faster. There’s one thing you must pay attention to, though: timing! Make sure the blog post is relevant within the time-frame you are sending it out.

An exclusive article

This requires more work and can be time-consuming, but it’s also worth the effort. If you keep telling people that they’re going to get exclusive content from you, they will be more likely to subscribe to your email. So you will grow your email list much faster. If you decide to do this, remember to mention the perk in your opt-in form and make a post about it each week, on every social media platform you are using.

A free and useful download

It could be a worksheet, a report, some infographics or even an e-book. As long as it’s free, useful and relevant to your field, people are going to love it. Also, they will soon start seeing you as someone they can get consistent information from, and your brand will grow into a respectable authority. That’s valuable!

News, reports, statistics

Your subscribers are very busy people who don’t have time to learn about everything going on in your area of expertise. There are probably reports and statistics they are going to miss. That’s where you come in as a reliable source! A great email would be one that sums up all the important information from the news and delivers it to their inbox.

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A personal story

We left this for last because we believe it is the most powerful type of content you could send to your email list. Businesses are not empty entities created by empty spirits. They are made by people, and your audience needs to feel that at all times. The very core of successful communication is the human element that your “tribe” can attach to your brand. Actually, there is going to be no “tribe” if that element is missing! So remember to stay human. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and share the lessons you’ve learned. Be your genuine self. Pick one of the many stories you could tell and put it in an email; add pictures or a video to it, then don’t hesitate to click “Send.” You will be surprised by the reactions!

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