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The One Thing to Focus on in Your Marketing Emails

If you often examine your marketing emails and wonder whether they are relatable and enticing enough, it’s a sign you are constantly looking to improve. That’s the first step to better results!

Now, you may be asking yourself: what’s the secret to successful marketing campaigns? How can I achieve it? If you haven’t found your answer yet, keep reading!

Getting marketing emails right

Don’t you get tired of brands always posting and sending nothing but self-promotional content? We do. And we bet you’ve experienced this yourself many times on social media. It’s an outdated PR and marketing strategy businesses should stay away from, no matter how great its products or services are. What could you do instead? Focus on your potential buyers and how you can help them!

In his international bestseller “The New Rules of Marketing and PR”, marketing speaker and author David Meerman Scott suggests resisting the temptation to talk too much about yourself. Instead, do your best to provide your audience with useful content. This doesn’t mean you can’t promote yourself. However, it’s important to keep a good balance: 80% information/20% (or less) self-promotion.

How do you craft your marketing emails?

“The approach of thinking about buyers and the problems your organization solve for them can be difficult for many marketers, since we’re constantly been told how important a great product or service is to the marketing mix,” Meerman Scott begins. “In fact, standard marketing education still talks about the four Ps of marketing – product, place, price and promotion – as being the most important things. That’s nonsense,” he adds.

So, what does it take to succeed as a business nowadays? How do you craft your marketing emails, social media posts and any other kind of communication? The specialists responds:

“To succeed on the web under the new rules of marketing and PR, you need to consider your organizational goals and then focus on your buyers first. Only when you understand buyers should you begin to create compelling web content to reach them. Yes, marketers often argue with me on this. But I strongly believe that the product or service you sell is secondary when you market your organization on the web.”

We hope Mr. Scott’s insight is going to help you when you plan your next marketing emails. If your approach is right, your copy is compelling, and you’ve taken care of your email hygiene, you’re on the path to the results you’re looking for!

You can find “The New Rules of Marketing and PR” on Amazon. It’s a fantastic read! Also, if you need a reliable email validation system, you know where to find us. Happy emailing!