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Email validation service ZeroBounce boosts deliverability for holiday season campaigns

December 19, Boca Raton – Email validation service ZeroBounce helps companies increase the email deliverability of their holiday season campaigns. Committed to email bounce, email abuse and spam trap detection, ZeroBounce supports better sender reputation for businesses of all sizes.

How ZeroBounce boosts deliverability

Global marketers using email as part of their digital marketing strategy face constant data decay. According to HubSpot, as of 2018, 30% of email data deteriorates within one year, putting email marketers at the risk of poor email deliverability. With 98%+ accuracy on email validation results, ZeroBounce assists senders in maintaining a thorough email hygiene.

“We wanted to make it easy for our customers to improve their email hygiene and build more robust email lists. With ZeroBounce Subscribe, they get access to 98% accurate, GDPR compliant email validation. Our engineers have streamlined this process, so customers can extract their verified emails directly from their ZeroBounce account. This is our first third-party integration, and we are working on developing at least 10 more” says ZeroBounce CEO Liviu Tanase.

ZeroBounce offers a secure, easy-to-use email validation platform, as well as a recently upgraded email verification API. Once installed on any subscription form, the API verifies email addresses in real time, preventing unwanted contacts from joining email databases.

In 2018, ZeroBounce released an innovative email scoring system that provides users with in-depth feedback on their email data quality. Using artificial intelligence, ZeroBounce A.I. returns quality scores that indicate the value of an email address. Its ability to validate catch-all emails makes it stand out as a tremendous tool for marketers worldwide.

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