ZeroBounce vs. Validity

For any business, email validation and list hygiene are the foundations for better email ROI. Compare Validity and ZeroBounce in pricing, features, accuracy, customer support, and more.

Note: Validity owns BriteVerify, their email validation product. Validity has also acquired additional products, including Everest, MailCharts, and Sender Certification, which are referenced for email deliverability comparisons.

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Validity and ZeroBounce price comparison

To compare price points, you need to analyze Validity’s different product offerings.

Validity and BriteVerify for email validation

BriteVerify, a previously standalone email validation product, is now owned by Validity. You can purchase bulk email verification credits using the service if your focus is primarily on validation.

If your business needs to regularly verify large email lists in bulk, ZeroBounce offers superior pricing.

Validity - Everest pricing

You can also obtain email verification credits via Validity’s Everest product. Everest is a larger email deliverability platform that provides email reputation monitoring, inbox placement testing, email validation, and sender certification.

Comparatively, ZeroBounce offers email validation and email deliverability tools separately. Let’s take a look at what it costs to obtain an equivalent of 500,000 email validations along with the highest available email deliverability toolkit plan.

Additionally, all email deliverability tools and the API are available with any plan. For tools like DMARC Monitoring, you don’t need to undergo approval, as you do with Validity’s Sender Certification service.

Finally, ZeroBounce offers fully customizable email deliverability toolkit plans. You can start your subscription by selecting only the tools you want to use and the number of tests/monitors you need.

ZeroBounce vs. Validity - Accuracy comparison

Regardless of the service you use for email validation, you need accurate results.

Any mistakes in your email validation report can cause you to email invalid emails, disposable accounts, or spam traps. All of these harm your sender reputation.

ZeroBounce accuracy


& Money-back guarantee



Thanks to ZeroBounce's money-back guarantee, you achieve a higher level of accuracy with zero risk.

However, accuracy means more than separating valid and invalid emails. You need an email verifier that can identify a full range of email address types to give you more insights into your list and subscriber activity.

Types of emails Validity identifies

The Validity platform is known to identify the following email types





It’s unable to identify spam traps, which are tricky emails disguised to look like legitimate addresses. Emailing one of these can put your company domain on a blacklist. It’s unclear if they’re able to identify known spam complainers or toxic domains.

Types of emails ZeroBounce identifies

Comparatively, ZeroBounce identifies more than 30 email address types, giving you a deeper understanding of your database.

Types of emails ZeroBounce identifies













In addition to primary status, ZeroBounce will provide a sub-status when possible, which includes more details about the address or error codes that explain deliverability problems.

Furthermore - the 99% accuracy guarantee applies to any email address, regardless of domain complexity.

Validity vs. ZeroBounce for email deliverability

Beyond email validation, several factors significantly impact email deliverability (the likelihood your emails will reach the inbox).

These factors include

  • Email domain reputation
  • Email authentication/certification
  • Email server configuration
  • Email content
  • Historical email engagement

Both Validity and ZeroBounce offer email deliverability solutions. Let’s examine Validity’s acquired products.

Validity’s email deliverability products

Validity’s primary email deliverability product, as shown above, is Everest.

Depending on your plan, Everest offers

  • Email reputation monitoring
  • Inbox placement testing
  • Email design tests
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Engagement Analytics
  • API (higher-tier plans only)
  • Sender Certification (email authentication)

Their product suite covers key areas for improving email deliverability and performance. However, certain features, such as the API, optimizations, and intelligence, are available for higher-tier subscriptions only.

Additionally, for services like Sender Certification, you need to provide your domain information and get pre-approved to use the service.

Compare to ZeroBounce’s email deliverability toolkit

Those are the components of the toolkit that they have in common with Validity. However, the toolkit also includes:

  • Blacklist monitoring - Great for reputation monitoring against 200+ email blacklists
  • DMARC Monitoring - Simplifies email authentication and DMARC setup. Includes unlimited email sending and automated reporting.
  • Inbox placement testing - Test your content against various mail providers to see where your emails land.

Additionally, ZeroBounce offers services similar to Validity’s intelligence and analytics via Email Scoring and Activity Data.

  • Email Finder - An excellent way to identify new B2B connections with a name or domain
  • Email server testing - Issues with your email server can affect email delivery. ZeroBounce performs hundreds of tests against your configuration and provides solutions.

Additionally, ZeroBounce offers services similar to Validity’s intelligence and analytics via Email Scoring and Activity Data.

These email information tools grade the validated contacts on your email list, so that you can better understand which contacts are quality and regularly engage with emails. Instead of paying for a subscription, you can score an email or get Activity Data at the cost of 1 credit per service per address.

Furthermore, ZeroBounce provides more monitors and tests with your toolkit than Validity’s Everest plans.

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Compare API and automated email validation

The best way to keep your email lists clean and mitigate manual labor is by automating your email validation.

You can achieve this by either using your email verifier’s API on your website and registration forms or by connecting the tool via integrations.

Both Validity and ZeroBounce offer an email validation API as well as integrations with popular platforms. Validity primarily focuses on integrations with email service providers, while ZeroBounce connects with ESPs, CRMs, e-commerce platforms, website builders, and more.

To use the Validity API, you must have a Professional plan. To use ESP integrations, you need at least an Elements Plus plan.

In comparison, the ZeroBounce API and all integrations are free for all users. All you need is a free account to obtain your API key, and you can take your email validation, email scoring, and Activity Data anywhere.

See ZeroBounce’s full list of integrations →

Enjoy mobile email validation

In addition to the API and integrations, ZeroBounce is the only email verifier that offers services on the go.

Users can download the first-ever GDPR-ready email validation app using their iOS phones or tablets. It’s free to validate email lists, manage integrations, configure the API, visit account settings, and more.

The ZeroBounce email validation app provides the perfect workflow solution for businesses that need to manage tasks from anywhere.

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Validity vs. ZeroBounce customer support

With so many services to manage, it’s always worth it to have a helping hand on standby.

Validity’s Support hours are sufficient for businesses located in the United States, with hours ranging from 4 AM - 7:30 PM Eastern. For anyone in different time zones or experiencing technical difficulties after hours, you’ll need to wait for a reply.

ZeroBounce is a global email deliverability solution and provides 24/7 customer support 365 days a year. Any time you visit, you can open a live chat and get connected with an email expert in seconds.

Have questions? Get in touch with ZeroBounce support now by clicking the chat icon in the bottom-right corner!

Compare Validity and ZeroBounce security features

Last but not least, your business’s data security is everything. When you choose any service, you need a partner that you can trust.

It’s unclear if Validity encrypts the email data uploaded for validation. However, you can confirm that the platform is ISO-27001, ISO-27018, ISO-27701, and SOC 2-certified. Validity is also GDPR-ready.

ZeroBounce shares in this commitment and makes your privacy and security the priority. The platform is SOC 2, SOC 2 Type II, and ISO-27001-certified. It’s also GDPR and CCPA-ready, HIPAA-compliant for healthcare, and works with globally known cybersecurity experts to assist with attack resistance management and penetration testing.

Check out ZeroBounce’s security credentials and Whistic profile

  • SOC 2 Compliant

  • SOC 2
    Type II

  • ISO 27001 Certified

  • HIPAA Compliant

  • GDPR Compliant

  • Data Privacy Framework (DPF)

  • CCPA Compliant

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Frequently asked questions

You can determine if an email address is valid by using an email validation service to check email syntax, ping the mailbox, and check mail records.

Validity is an email validation and deliverability platform that helps users maintain clean email lists and improve email campaign performance with testing, monitoring, and authentication.

Validity provides 97% accurate email validation and identifies valid, invalid, catch-all, and disposable email addresses.

ZeroBounce offers 99% accurate email validation with a money-back guarantee. It identifies valid, invalid, catch-all, disposable, spam trap, role-based, and toxic domain emails with consistently fewer than 1% “unknown” results.

Compared to Validity, ZeroBounce offers a higher level of email validation accuracy with a money-back guarantee. It also identifies more email address types and provides additional data about an address when available. The ZeroBounce platform also provides a variety of additional benefits, including a free API, free integrations, more deliverability tests, unlimited email monitoring, and more. Finally, customers can pick services and customize their subscriptions or pay for credits as they go.