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Top 3 Features You Need in an Email Verifier

If your bounce rate has started to worry you and your list needs a good cleaning, you’re probably thinking to use a good email verifier. But what does a good email verifier look like? For someone who has never used one, it sure can be quite difficult to determine. Save time by reading about the top 3 features we recommend you consider before making your choice.


Pay attention to what the company states on its website. Some email verification services do not promise a certain accuracy on the results. Others – us included – state it very clearly on the front page, and also offer a money-back guarantee.

A good level of accuracyis 98%, and if your email verifier can’t deliver that, you should probably look somewhere else.

Data security

Just think of the Facebook – Cambridge Analytica scandal. Someone using your personal information to gain more control and political influence.

Data protection is a serious topic to discuss with your email verification company. Before you make any purchase and upload your email lists on their platform, ask for all the information you need. Read their privacy policy and make sure your email verifier is using your data for the sole purpose of improving its quality.


Email verifiers vary greatly. Some of them are free of charge and offer just basic – and not always reliable – results. Others can only detect a limited number of risky email addresses. However, there are a few services out there that will dissect your list and analyze it in detail. The complex results that you receive paint a clearer picture of your data quality. That’s essential in your email marketing strategy.

Study the company’s website to learn as much as possible about its abilities. Ideally, an email verifier should be able to remove invalid email addresses, catch-all, temporary, abuse and role based contacts. Also, pay attention to spam trap detection –this is a key feature that makes a big difference in your email hygiene.

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A few bonuses to look for in your email verifier

Add more info to your database

Some email verification systems, although complex, don’t perform more than that. Fortunately, there are others that not only clean your email list, but also enrich it with valuable info.

For example, ZeroBounce offers the Email Append feature, which allows you to learn more about your subscribers. Whenever that information is available, the system automatically adds your contacts’ first and last name, gender, location and IP address.

Email scoring

Another useful feature you can find in an advanced email verifier is the ability to score email addresses for activity levels. ZeroBounce is among the very few email verification companies that added such a service to the suite.

Our email scoring system analyzes every email address in your database and returns a quality score for each. Depending on the score, you’ll know whether a certain email address is active and likely to engage with your content. The score ranges from 0 to 10.


What other details should you keep in mind?

  • customer support: look for an email verifier that offers you 24/7 support
  • customer success: find a team that genuinely cares about helping you get your emails in the inbox
  • ease of use: we’re not all tech-savvy, so get a feel of the platform before you buy

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