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How to Integrate GetResponse and ZeroBounce with Your Social Media Strategy

Wondering how to make your email marketing and social media work together and bring in more sales? Marketing expert Carlos Gil shares his tactics – and shows you how to integrate GetResponse with ZeroBounce for better results.

Hey there, Carlos Gil here.

As Brand Evangelist for GetResponse, a social media marketing thought leader, and the author of The End of Marketing: Humanizing Your Brand in the Age of Social Media, I’ve seen firsthand how powerful combining email marketing with social media can be.

Today, I’m going to share how you can maximize your email marketing ROI by integrating GetResponse and ZeroBounce with your social media strategies.

Why integrate GetResponse and ZeroBounce with your social media

When you’re trying to grow your business, relying solely on social media platforms can be risky. Algorithm changes, platform policies, and even potential bans – as in the case of TikTok here in the U.S.  – can disrupt your marketing efforts.

This is why it’s critical to have a robust email marketing strategy that complements your social media activities. Email marketing provides a direct and reliable means of communication, allowing you to reach your audience consistently.

By integrating GetResponse and ZeroBounce, you can enhance your email marketing effectiveness and ensure your messages always reach the right audience.

The power of email marketing integration

As someone who has worked in digital marketing for over 15 years, I’ve used many email marketing tools, including Mailchimp, Constant Contact, and now GetResponse.

One of the worst feelings is having your email marketing account shut down for violating terms of service, which can include importing bad emails or receiving a high number of bounced emails.

Man working on computer looking at how quickly email list degrades yearly
Did you know that, on average, more than 25% of your email list decays yearly?

This can paralyze your business and cost you thousands in lost sales, especially considering the time it takes to migrate data and rebuild campaigns. In such cases, a tool like ZeroBounce is critical — not only to remain compliant but also to ensure that your emails reach the right audience.

Email gives you a direct line to your customers

It’s easy to get caught up in the race for more social media followers. But here’s the real deal: email subscribers are incredibly valuable, often more so than social media followers.

While I have over 200,000 followers on social media, it’s my smaller, dedicated list of email subscribers that truly drives sales.

These subscribers have invited me into their personal inboxes, showing a level of trust and engagement that a simple social media follow just doesn’t match.

Think about it: social media platforms can change their algorithms at any moment, making it harder for your content to reach your audience. Email, on the other hand, gives you a direct line to your customers, unaffected by those external changes.

It’s not about the number of followers; it’s about building a dedicated, engaged audience that’s more likely to convert into loyal customers.

Quality over quantity is key, and focusing on this can really transform your business.

Case study: kicking up email engagement at The Hype Section

Next, I’ll share with you how I boost lead generation and sales for my business by integrating social media with tools like GetResponse and ZeroBounce.


At The Hype Section, a sneaker resale and sports cards collectible shop in Jacksonville, Florida that I co-own, we don’t have a large marketing budget like traditional sneaker retail stores such as Finish Line or Foot Locker.

Screenshot of The Hype Section sneaker store

We rely heavily on organic marketing, including Google Reviews, Instagram user-generated content, and email marketing to promote our store. This reliance on organic methods makes it important for us to enhance our email marketing strategy by integrating GetResponse and ZeroBounce.


At The Hype Section, we capture email addresses at every possible touchpoint, including during online orders and in-store purchases where receipts are delivered via email.

We also host events like Jacksonville Jaguars player autograph signings, capturing emails via Eventbrite. Given that we use two different systems for POS, including Square and Shopify, it’s critical that we have clean email lists.

Here’s how we implement our strategy:

  • Lead generation: We run targeted Facebook and Instagram ads promoting exclusive sneaker releases and events, directing users to GetResponse landing pages designed to capture email sign-ups.
  • Email validation: By integrating ZeroBounce, we ensure that each email address collected is validated in real-time, reducing bounce rates and maintaining a clean email list.
  • Segmentation and personalization: Using GetResponse, we segment our audience based on purchase history and the source of the lead (e.g., Instagram ad, Facebook ad). This allows us to send personalized product recommendations and exclusive offers.


  • Improved deliverability: Email deliverability rates increased by 20% after implementing ZeroBounce validation, ensuring our messages reached the right audience.
  • Higher engagement: Personalized email campaigns saw a 30% increase in click-through rates as customers received content tailored to their interests and past interactions.
  • Increased ROI: The integration led to a 25% increase in overall email marketing ROI, demonstrating the effectiveness of a combined strategy using GetResponse and ZeroBounce.

Building your email list with social media

In these times, it’s critical that you use your social media channels to capture data and drive users back to your website to opt-in.

Using GetResponse as your main tool, you can drive your social media followers to opt-in to your newsletter by creating landing pages and lead forms.

Screenshot of GetResponse landing page generator

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Social media acts as the catalyst for these actions, but it’s crucial to use ZeroBounce to ensure that the email addresses you collect are clean and accurate.

Use social media for lead generation

To build your email list, use social media platforms for lead generation. Here are some tactics that have proven successful:

  • Use social media ads and posts to drive traffic to GetResponse landing pages. Offer exclusive content or incentives for email sign-ups to capture leads effectively. For example, I’ve run Facebook and Instagram ads promoting free webinars and eBooks, driving significant traffic and capturing valuable leads.
  • At The Hype Section, we run campaigns offering early access to exclusive sneaker releases. By promoting this offer through targeted ads on Facebook and Instagram, we direct users to a GetResponse landing page where they can sign up with their email addresses. This strategy not only increases our email list but also ensures that we are capturing leads genuinely interested in our products.

Validate emails at the point of entry

Integrate ZeroBounce’s API with your GetResponse forms to validate email addresses in real-time. This step ensures only valid emails enter your database, reducing bounce rates and improving deliverability.

Invalid or fake email addresses can harm your sender reputation and decrease your campaign effectiveness. With ZeroBounce, you can prevent these issues right from the start.

Segment your database for better targeting

With GetResponse’s segmentation features, categorize your validated email list based on engagement metrics and lead sources (e.g., Instagram ad, Facebook ad). Then, tailor your content to these segments for higher relevance and engagement. For instance, segment your audience based on their interactions with your social media ads and create personalized email campaigns.

Personalize your content to increase engagement

To craft better copy for your emails, use AI-powered tools in GetResponse, and then follow up with your human touch to personalize your content. Combining AI with human effort can enhance the effectiveness of your campaigns. From my experience, this approach has consistently shown higher open and click-through rates.

Cross-promote your emails on social media

Share your email content on social media to drive more traffic to your emails. Use GetResponse’s email creation tools to design visually appealing emails that are easily shareable on social platforms. Promote webinars, blog posts, or special offers through both email and social media channels.

Run engagement campaigns

Run social media campaigns that complement your email marketing efforts. For example, promote a webinar via social media, send email reminders, and follow up with post-event content. This integrated approach keeps your audience engaged across multiple channels.

Validate your list regularly

Periodically upload your email list to ZeroBounce for thorough cleaning. Remove invalid, duplicate, and risky email addresses to maintain list hygiene. This practice ensures your emails reach the intended recipients and keeps your sender reputation intact.

Automate your list cleaning

Set up automated workflows in GetResponse to handle the segmentation and suppression of invalid email addresses identified by ZeroBounce. Automation saves time and ensures your list remains clean without manual intervention.

Track your performance metrics

Use GetResponse’s analytics to track your email campaigns’ performance. Monitor open rates, click-through rates, and conversions to understand what works best. Adjust your strategies based on these insights to improve future campaigns.

Get email deliverability insights

Uze ZeroBounce’s deliverability tools to gain insights into your email performance. Make necessary adjustments to improve deliverability and ensure your emails land in the inbox, not the spam folder.

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Integrate GetResponse and ZeroBounce

Integrating GetResponse and ZeroBounce with your social media strategies can significantly enhance your email marketing efforts. By capturing high-quality leads, maintaining a clean email list, and delivering personalized content, you can maximize engagement and ROI.

Start integrating these tools today and watch your email marketing performance soar.

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Bio Carlos Gil is a digital marketing expert, bestselling author of The End of Marketing: Humanizing Your Brand in the Age of Social Media, and Brand Evangelist for GetResponse. With over a decade of experience in B2B marketing, Carlos helps brands humanize their presence in the digital age. Get your copy of The End of Marketing and follow Carlos on LinkedIn for more insights and updates.