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How to Use Social Media to Improve Your Email Content

We talk a lot about the efficiency of email marketing. After all, we are committed to email verification, which is a crucial extension of the former. Yes, email marketing is efficient, if you use a healthy email list and if you offer your subscribers content worth their time. It’s not always easy to know what type of email content your audience prefers, but there are a few methods that can shed some light. Social media is a great place to start!

That’s because it’s social – meaning it’s the best platform to start a conversation or jump into a discussion, share your perspective, and ask questions. The answers you will get may have a tremendous contribution to your next email campaign.

Using social media to improve your email content

Ask people what they want

If you have a business, you are probably using both email marketing and some social media channels, so you have a Facebook page, a Twitter and an Instagram account, right? Well, those are fantastic sources for the answers you are looking for. Start by asking your audience what kind of email content they’ve appreciated the most so far and what they would like to receive from you in the future. Save all their ideas in a notebook and use them.

Take a look at your insights

Spend a few minutes every day to take a look at your insights: which posts have the greatest engagement? What call-to-actions inspire people to leave a comment? Paying attention to your followers’ reactions on social media will give you a pretty accurate idea about the things they would like to receive in their inbox. Plus, it will help you keep your followers engaged.

Let us give you an example

We started our Instagram account just recently and we tried a more diverse approach. While focusing on email marketing and email validation, we made a few posts that weren’t directly related to our field. We thought posting only about email marketing would eventually drive people crazy, and talking only about our email verifier would be way too promotional. So, every other day, we would share an interesting quote.

Guess what? Even though we put them in beautifully designed pictures, we used all the right hashtags and posted at our peak times, the quotes didn’t do so well. If you think about it, it makes sense: people subscribe to your content (whether it’s social or email) because you are part of a certain niche. Trying to be part of several or all niches is not going to take you very far. Now, we seldom post any quote pictures, as we decided to stick to our area of expertise. This makes out Instagram account better and helps it grow, because we offer people what they want from us.

The topics we cover in our emails are also tailored to our subscribers’ expectations, and our list is growing fast!

Facebook groups: don’t ignore them

Keeping up with everything that’s important to you on Facebook can be a tough daily task. There are countless notifications to check, private messages and comments to answer to. But there is one thing we should all make time for: Facebook groups. Some of them have gathered many people around a certain topic, and those people are usually looking to fix a problem or satisfy a curiosity. Your business can provide at least one solution to their problems, so don’t be shy: share your knowledge and craft your next email according to the most popular topic in your industry.

Quora, a great source to improve your email content

Another platform that can help you find out what people are interested in is Quora. There are thousands of questions users post on the channel, and while you can answer them directly, you can also take note of the subjects and write about them in your emails.

Final tip: When it comes to the quality of your email content, analyzing your reports will give you the best insight. Keep testing and studying your results until you find your winning strategy!


Here is how to use social media to grow your email list!