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Businesses Run on Email: 9 Marketing Stats to Keep in Mind

Most professionals use email to communicate for business purposes, according to the State of Inbound 2018 research conducted by HubSpot. As an email validation company, we wanted to take a closer look at this study and observe how much email has grown in the past few years. Also, we’re going to list our top solutions to the biggest marketing challenges today. Are you ready?

The latest marketing stats

Whether used as an internal messaging channel or as a marketing platform to leverage revenue, email is the king of digital communication. In HubSpot’s most recent research, when asked what their preferred way to communicate is for business purposes:

  • 83% of professionals said “email”
  • 59% of them said “face-to-face”

Telemarketing is not dead (yet)

Actually, it’s doing pretty well. When asked what the most successful channel is to connect with a prospect:

  • 36% of sales professionals said “phone”
  • 30% of them responded “email”

However, most C-level executives (32%) rely on email to connect with a prospect.

Email validation: the short way to higher delivery rates (and better connections)

With email being a crucial part of today’s communication, email data quality has never mattered more. For sales people, it ensures a safe path to connecting with a prospect. For email marketers, it makes the difference between successful campaigns and long-term frustration.

If you’re on this blog because you are researching email validation or email verification, then you’re interested in improving your email marketing and sales performance. We’re here to help you with that.

Let’s look at how an email verification tool can solve your greatest challenges.

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Converting more leads to customers

Research: 69% of global marketing pros said they’d like to convert more leads to customers.

Solution: there’s no better tool out there to help you increase your conversions than an email validation service. By removing invalid email addresses from your list, an email checker makes sure you’re only using top quality data in your marketing and sales outreach.

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Growing your website traffic

Research: 54% of marketers said they want to grow their website traffic.

Solution: email marketing is a tremendous source of website traffic. Bulk email validation services boost your delivery rates and, thus, your open and click-through rates. 

However, your website traffic is highly influenced by SEO. We recently came across an impressive list of SEO statistics, and recommend you to consult it. The more information you have on the topic, the better you can shape your strategy! 

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Increasing revenue

Research: 44% said they will focus on increasing revenue derived from existing customers.

Solution: while social media is still a reliable revenue driver, email marketing has been outperforming it for years now. However, without proper email hygiene, it’s like a shot in the dark. Actually, you may not only miss your target, but hurt yourself, as emailing invalid leads affects your sender reputation. Email verification platforms have one mission: to eliminate risky addresses and raise the value of your list.

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Boosting marketing ROI

Research: 39% of marketers admit they can’t prove the ROI of their marketing activities.

Solution: We left this stat at the end because we think it’s the most important point where email validation can prove its efficiency. With 30% of email lists deteriorating within a year, consistent data quality assessments are essential.

Keeping your bounce rate at bay restores (or maintains) your sender reputation and encourages Internet Service Providers to deliver your emails. Naturally, the more your emails get delivered, the higher your chances to improve your ROI.

Keep a clean email list. It’s the safest way to reach your leads, boost your website traffic and, eventually, your conversions.

What about you? What’s your preferred way of communication and your biggest marketing challenge in 2019?