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Looking for a Real Time Email Verifier? We Launched the New API

When we launched our email verifier, what we had in mind was a tool that would empower you to reach your subscribers and make the most out of your email list. The system provided an API from the very beginning, but today, we’re excited to let you know that we released the second version our API: ZeroBounce API V2.

Explore all the new features to enhance your email deliverability & prevent bounces.

The new email verifier API

Real-time email verification at the point of signup.
360 degree report view of your email list.
Covers over 30 status and sub-status codes (disposable, catch-all, invalid etc.)
Email validation dashboard where you can track the usage and overall health of the email verifications.
Fast, accurate & simple to use email address validation API.
Secure API sandbox to test your implementation.
Complete email validation API documentation.
Ready to use API wrappers written on top of the most popular programming languages.
Added Features: Did you mean, Domain age, Free email flag, Primary MX record, and more.

Wait, what is an API?

You’ve probably heard this term so often, but if you’ve never googled it, here is a short definition. API stands for Application Programming Interface. As the word “interface” suggests, the API is a piece of software that acts like an intermediary to ease the communication between two applications. If you want, you can call it a bridge or a messenger that allows you to submit a certain request and receive an answer.

Whether you’re using a social media platform, ordering something online or using an email verifier, you are being helped by an API.

How do you use our email verifier?

ZeroBounce offers both a bulk email verifier and an email verification API. They are 98% accurate and easy to use. For bulk email verification, you upload your email list on our platform and the system cleans it up for you. If you want to validate emails in real time, you can install our API for free on your website and check email addresses at the point of registration.

To ensure a thorough email hygiene, we recommend using both systems. One validates your current email list, weeding out bad leads. The other one prevents bad email addresses to sign up on your mailing list in the first place.

The ZeroBounce API email verifier covers over 30 status and sub-status codes, which will help you decide whether to email a certain email address.

What the API email verifier does

Let’s take a closer look at the ZeroBounce API email verifier and see exactly what it does. You’ll be surprised by how complex this piece of software is.

Misspelled domains. The API spots typos right away, lets the user know they made a mistake and suggests the possible correction. Whenever someone is trying to sign up on your mailing list or register on your platform with a misspelled domain, the API will return this answer: “Your email address is invalid, did you mean”.

Temporary email addresses. They have little value in your email list, so you might not want to collect them at all. The API helps you do that by telling the user they can’t use a temporary email addresses to sign up.

Invalid email addresses. The API identifies an invalid email address in a matter of seconds and doesn’t allow it to sign up. The result will be: “It appears that your email address is invalid, please double check the spelling.”

Corporate emails only. Let’s say you only want to collect corporate emails. The API will prevent any other type of email from signing up.

Personal emails only. If you don’t wish to have any corporate email addresses in your list, the API will reject them and only allow personal emails to sign up.

Fraud prevention. The API establishes the age of an email address. If the domain is brand new, it won’t allow the sign-up.

On top of this, the API gives you access to all the features our bulk email verifier offers. It detects possible spam traps, catch-all and abuse emails, thereby keeping your email list clean and safe to use.

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How fast is our API email verifier?

Once you used the API key we give you and you install it on your platform, it starts validating emails in real time. The response time is between one second and 70 seconds, with an average of 1 to 5 seconds. If we encounter a slow mail server or one with a grey-listing algorithm, the result will be “unknown.” We never charge you for the unknown results and you can always re-validate those emails in our bulk email verifier.

Easily keep track of your API usage

If you want a breakdown of your API email verifications, you can easily access them in your ZeroBounce account. The API holds a count of your results and gives you a big picture of your usage by days, months and even years. It’s a feature that allows you to get a clear perspective on the value of the email address you are running through the API.

We’re excited for you to try the new API email verifier and tell us how it works! If you have any questions, we’re online 24/7 to answer them!