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Let’s Talk About Email: Uwe Dreissigacker

Uwe Dreissigacker is a true digital nomad. German by origins, he splits his time between Thailand, Lithuania, and England. But his life isn’t a constant vacation as it may seem. He works hard as the founder and CEO of InvoiceBerry, an online invoicing software catered towards small businesses and freelancers.

We’re happy to have Uwe as a guest in our Let’s Talk About Email interview series, and hope you enjoy our Q&A!

Let’s Talk About Email

Best email you received today:

I just opened my laptop while sitting in a beach cafe in Thailand and got an email from PayPal that one of my open refund cases got closed and I received the full refund. I guess getting money that you thought you had lost is always great. 🙂

The last email you sent:

An email to one of my team members at InvoiceBerry.com, thanking them for a good job they did last week.

Most intriguing subject line you ever saw:

I recently got an email from a SEO guy I subscribed to in the past. After months of not receiving his newsletter any longer, his subject line was along the lines of “Still interested?”. When I opened the email, it simply read “Are you still interested in my shit?” (He’s direct! haha). When I replied with a simple “Yes,” since I assumed he had it all automated, he got back to me with a personal email. Well played!

Your biggest email pet peeve:

Misleading subject lines — a total time-waster. Oh, and super spammy “cold email outreach” that wastes my time.

If you could email any famous person, it would be:

I already had a short email exchange with Gary Vaynerchuk, back when he had just published his first book, “Crush It”. So, if I had to pick an even more famous person: Mark Zuckerberg. I love Facebook as a company and I’d love to pick his brain regarding the massive impact his platform has had in shaping the online world in the past ten years.

An email you wish you had never sent:

When I sold my shares of one of my previous startups back to my co-founders for a symbolic one euro each, just to get out of the startup as soon as possible. Sometimes waiting and playing psychological games is just the smarter choice.

An email you’d be happy to get:

From time to time, I get emails from long-term customers of InvoiceBerry saying thank you to me and that they’re sorry but they will leave InvoiceBerry in a month. The reason? They finally go into pension and close down their business. That always makes me happy as they’ve used our service and stayed loyal for years, until they literally had no legitimate use for it any longer.

Funniest or most unusual email address you’ve ever seen:

Can’t think of anything particular right now. There recently was that email from a company that was sent from “do-not-reply@company-name.com” and in the actual body of the email they asked me to feel free to reply. Funny miscommunication 🙂

No.1 reason why you unsubscribe:

I unsubscribe from any cold email outreach or email that is not 100% personal and that I have not previously requested.

GIF of guy saying unsubscribe.

Biggest no-no in an email campaign:

Pretending to be personal even though it’s 100% clear that it isn’t. Those land either in Spam or I click the Unsubscribe button.

Silliest email address you’ve ever had:

boring-guy@gmx.net — don’t ask me why I chose that name. 🙂

One thing that should change about email:

If I knew the answer to that question, I most likely would be a billionaire. I started to hate emails in recent years, since it feels like email as a communication and productivity tool is outdated and needs a general overhaul. Please let me know if you find a solution!

What you most love about email:

I love connecting to new people and having old conversations in my archive and searchable in my inbox. Facebook and WhatsApp are good for quick communication sometimes, but I often revert back to email. The searchability of old conversations is just so much better in your inbox or email program than in Facebook, WhatsApp or Slack.


You can learn more about Uwe by visiting his LinkedIn profile and checking out his company here.

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