2017 email marketing stats

2017 Email Stats You Can’t Miss If You Are A Marketer

We love email for how easy it is to use and how effectively it delivers our messages. In 2017, its revenue-driving power was once again confirmed, when email marketing registered more than 50 times its return on investment. However, according to Yes Lifecycle Marketing’s new Email Benchmark Report, there are many aspects marketers need to improve in their strategies.

We went through the analysis and gathered the most important 2017 email stats for you.

? Email remained the highest revenue-driver last year, outperforming all other marketing channels.

? Mobile email events (open and click-through rates) have seen a slight decline, going from 55% in 2016 to 52.9% in 2017. Mobile open rates remain higher than desktop events (52.9% compared to 47.1%).

? Tablet and desktop orders declined by 14% and 18%, respectively.

? In 2018, people will continue to prefer their smartphones to open and read their emails.

? Starting with the early 2010s, marketers have made consistent efforts to enhance the mobile email experience. More smartphone users have started making purchases online, but in 2017, they were still reluctant to spend big. As a result, last year, the Average Order Value (AOV) on mobile was 40% lower than the desktop AOV.

? The number of emails subscribers receive has grown with 18% in 2017, proving that an increasing number of companies are using email marketing. If you are one of them, use an email verifier to clean your email list before you send your next campaign!

? Open and click-through rates are also growing, but at a slower pace, which means marketers need to work more on email engagement.

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More email stats to keep in mind

? There is a growing share of inactive subscribers in marketers’ databases. In our free guide to improve email deliverability, we let you in some of the best techniques on how to handle this issue.

Opt-in rates declined in 2017, especially in the last quarter of the year, when new subscribers accounted for just 3.5% of marketers’ mailable audience. This is a sign that business owners and content creators have to provide better reasons for consumers to sign up to their email communications.

? Emails that acknowledge an anniversary generated 32% higher open rates in 2017, and almost double the click and conversion rates of standard campaigns. An essential stat to keep in mind for the years to come!

? Personalized subject lines spawned at least 50% higher open rates and doubled the click-through rates, compared to emails that didn’t include the name in the subscriber in the subject line.


This report analyzed over 30 billion emails sent in 2017. The conclusion was that email volume will continue to increase in the following years, while email marketing will follow the trend. Yet, it is essential that marketers pay more attention to their subscribers’ preferences and behaviors and constantly optimize their campaigns.


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