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New Feature on ZeroBounce: Now You Can Generate Multiple API Keys

Ready for some great news? We’ve just released a new feature to help you stay productive while keeping your data safe. Now you can generate multiple email validation API keys on and incorporate them on the platforms of your choice. This makes it easier for you to track your API usage across channels and share the power of our API with your colleagues.

The new feature comes with all the perks you’d expect:

  • misspelled and other invalid email address detection
  • abuse, catch-all, disposable and spam trap detection
  • our guaranteed accuracy: 98%
  • the ability to deploy our robust real-time email validation system on several platforms
  • detailed reporting in your ZeroBounce dashboard on all of your API keys usage
ZeroBounce email validation API

You can control each email validation API key

Let’s talk a bit more about how using multiple email validation API keys empowers you to stay organized and focused.

Here is what our Operations Manager, Brian Minick, says about the feature:

“Having multiple email validation API keys allows customers to track the results individually and monitor performance and usage in a segmented format right in our dashboards. Customers can create up to five keys – if more are required, please reach out to support. You will get usage reporting on each of those keys individually. “

With this information you can do the following:

  • create and name different keys for different parts of the business. One might be for a web form, one might be for Zapier, another might be for a colleague.
  • you can control each email validation API key individually. If you provided one to a colleague or customer and you need to de-activate it, you can without affecting your other services or needing to update the key in many different places.

See which form is outperforming others

Brian gives us a great example of how this could benefit or give you more insight into your usage and performance:

“If you have multiple contact forms on your website, you could put a different key on each one. Based on the API usage, you could see which web form is outperforming others,” Brian says.

Also, perhaps you have many different websites, agencies, or partners of ZeroBounce. They can issue an individual key for each site or customer, allowing them to access the platform. But you have a clear picture as to how much your clients are using the service. For anyone re-selling the product for its customers, this is a great way to make sure you have proof of their specific usage.

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How the email validation API keeps your list clean

Savvy marketers know they have to stay on top of their email hygiene. Not only do they run their list through an email validator every once in a while, but they also use a real-time API.

The API is a simple, yet powerful piece of software that, once integrated in your forms, prevents bad singups. The ZeroBounce API covers over 30 status and sub-status codes, from misspelled to spam trap email addresses. Along with the double opt-in subscription method, it helps maintain better email hygiene and boosts your delivery rates.