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ZeroBounce: We Show You the Numbers

Let us start by saying how grateful we are for the support you’ve offered us since we launched ZeroBounce. Our email checker has been growing steadily since day one, and we’re so excited to share this progress with you! Today, we’re taking a minute to look at a few numbers that validate – pun intended – our everyday efforts.

It’s not the end of the year, it’s not even our anniversary – that’s going to be in January. Nevertheless, we looked at some of our numbers and thought you’d like to see them, too.

Wondering how many people registered on our platform? Or how many addresses has our email checker validated?

Here’s the answer:

 @ There are over 23,500 active accounts on

Our email checker grows with 100 to 150 accounts every day

ZeroBounce has validated over 2 billion emails to date

We do business in over 117 countries

ZeroBounce has 721 reviews on Trustpilot and customers rate it as „excellent”

email checker

Your favorite email checker is more than an email checker

What we strived to do, from the very beginning, was to develop an email list cleaning system that’s more than that. So, apart from removing fake and invalid email addresses from your list, we wanted to enrich your database.

How do we do that?

The Email Append feature does that by adding information about the subscriber to each address. Thus, you can learn their first and last name, their gender and location. It’s a feature many of our customers love, as it helps them build more robust email lists.

There’s another reason ZeroBounce is more than an email checker. This year, we launched an email scoring system that uses artificial intelligence to rate the quality of your email list.

ZeroBounce A.I. works like an X-ray machine that performs an in-depth analysis of every email address in your database, returning a score for each.

What else you should know about ZeroBounce

ZeroBounce offers quite a few features! It detects and removes:

  • addresses that are most likely going to cause your emails to bounce
  • typos/bogus addresses
  • disposable and role-based email addresses
  • catch-all emails (which you can further validate by using ZeroBounce A.I.)

Also, it gives you two email hygiene options:

  • a bulk email verification system where you upload your file(s) on the platform and we clean them for you
  • a real-time email validation API, which you can easily install on your own website and make sure you collect only genuine email addresses.

How about security?

If you’re wondering how secure your email checker is, we got the answer right here. ZeroBounce is one of the safest email validation systems on the market. It uses military-grade encryption codes on each file you upload on the platform, it is GDPR compliant, and has many other data protection and security certifications.

Also, for every issue or question you may have, there’s a team of 15+ email validation experts, always available to help you out!