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Three Ways to Grow Customer Loyalty Through Your Email Marketing

They say the hardest thing is not to get to the top, but to stay there. This principle applies to email marketing, too: growing your email list is a goal worth pursuing, but more important than that is to keep your subscribers engaged and turn them into long-term lovers of your brand. Here are a few ways to build and grow customer loyalty through your email marketing!

How email fosters customer loyalty

Email is one of the most effective channels to encourage customer loyalty. How do you accomplish this goal, though? Use the tips below.

Offer them valuable content

The days when email marketing was a series of self-promotional communications are gone. Content marketing has proven its efficiency and has become a common practice for most companies. People will most likely forget your special offers, but will always remember you as a source of information that makes a difference in their lives. That builds great customer loyalty.

Acknowledge special moments

The most recent report on email marketing showed that emails which acknowledged a milestone in the relationship between a company and its customer generated 32% higher open rates in 2017. Furthermore, those emails doubled the click and conversion rates. Let’s say it’s been a year since one of your subscribers has first purchased one of your products. Email them to let them know how much that means to you, and offer them a gift – a discount, a voucher, or free shipping. It’s a great investment in customer loyalty.

Best way to build customer loyalty: provide consistent quality

There is no better way to grow your customer loyalty than to remain a reliable source of quality. If you have a blog, always deliver the best content you can create. If you run a cosmetic company, strive to improve your products, not to cut costs by sacrificing your standards. In everything you do, be loyal to yourself, and your customers will know your brand as a guarantee of superior worth.


In the end, we want to share with you a message we just received from one of our customers, Studio Solutions: “Hey, about 18,493 emails sent … and zero bounces. I think you guys had something to do with it. The name ZeroBounce really has added meaning to me now … it’s a wonderful thing!”

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